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Little Twin Stars Cosplay Tutorial Part 2 – The putting-together of Kiki and Lala’s outfits!~♥

Howdy readers! So this is the second post regarding mine and Pixie’s Little Twin Stars, Kiki and Lala cosplay debut! Today I’ll be talking through how I put the outfit together and where I got everything from!P1160292P1160298p1160369So here are the outfits side-by-side in all their glory, most of the items were bought online and there was very little crafting needed for this cosplay which is what I was aiming for!s-l1600s-l16005Wig – Both of our wigs came from eBay from UK sellers. The wig I used for Lala cost me £10.59 with free P+P and Pixie’s wig cost her £6.99 with free P+P as well. I was very happy with my wig, it was soft, heat resistant and had beautiful curls; I brushed them all out very carefully using a wide-tooth comb and attempted to cut the fringe myself, unfortunately it is a little messy as the fringe was VERY long and VERY thick which made it difficult to cut into. Hairdressing is obviously not my secret forte, I even cut my finger doing it and nearly stabbed Pixie in the eye with my comb (sorry!!) but I think I didn’t do too bad of a job considering it was my first.p1160290p1160388p1160389p1160390Dress – The dresses came from a private boutique on eBay within the UK. The dress was probably the HARDEST part of this entire cosplay to find, no joke. I spent MONTHS looking for the perfect dress because they needed to be the same but in different sizes; I haven’t the skill to make my own, so I spent so long looking for a dress that would fit the criteria I had in mind. I found these long, flowy, loose boho dresses that weren’t figure-hugging and dropped to the knees, they also had wide sleeves complete with a pretty lace trim and rounded v-neck neckline which was exactly what I was looking for to represent the nightdress outfits Kiki and Lala wear (I did actually look for vintage night dresses too).

Unfortunately the dress had a cut-out design on the back (like the majority of the dresses I viewed) which is something I did not want but the seller was kind enough to send a photo so that I could see how big the cut-out was; annoyingly the dress was on a white mannequin and the cut-out looked tiny in the photo so I purchased them. Turns out the cut-out design were actually two large holes exposing your shoulder blades, so my only option was to sew some fabric into the back of the dress to cover the holes. I used some spare fabric that was used to make Kiki’s sash and sewed it into the neckline of the dress; at the bottom of the cut-out design was a flap of material which I sewed the fabric to so that it would sit tight against the back. The dresses cost me £10.00 each, a size XS for me and S for Pixie (there was only one of each size so we really had to grab them) with just £4.00 postage for both dresses together. Apart from the cut-outs in the back, the dresses were perfect.74b6ad4a-860c-4655-83cc-1aec5aa2b856s-l16004Undergarments – The dresses were sheer so we needed to wear nude underwear and nude ‘safety wear’ underneath. The nude camisoles were easily found in Primark for roughly £1.80 each in a size 6 for me and 8 for Pixie, and the nude safety shorts were purchased from a UK seller on eBay for £2.99 each with free P+P in a size 6/8.dollyshoesShoes – The shoes were purchased from Primark. They were the next difficult purchase because again, I was looking for the exact same shoe but in different sizes. I wanted a plain white, simple design dolly shoe with no decoration on; I found these plain white ones with a lace design and they were also reasonably ‘soft’ so didn’t require much wearing in. I picked up a size 3 for me and size 5 for Pixie for £5.00 each.

So that’s everything regarding the costume! The dress and shoes were an absolute nightmare to find because I was being very particular that they had to be the same, different sizes yet cheap, so I am extremely happy that I managed to find it all and we really were able to look like ‘twins’! Overall I don’t think the cost was too bad, I guess it depends on how precise you want to be; had I not been fussy about the style of wig/dress/shoes then it probably would’ve been a lot cheaper, but totalling to roughly £35.00 for Lala and £31.00 for Kiki (not including materials and labour for accessories) I don’t think it was too bad!

The final part of the series will be focusing on the make-up we did for Kiki and Lala which was pretty much the same apart from using different coloured eye shadows and glitter. Unfortunately I do not have any of the cosplay with me as I left it with Pixie, so until I get that back I will be unable to do a make-up tutorial! Hopefully I should get it back soon so please look out for that! I hope you are enjoying these posts and I hope they are helpful and a confidence booster to cosplay noobs like myself! Until next time~♥

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