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Life has been a quiet storm – A new step, soapy bubbles and scenes of Harry Potter!

Hello everyone, hope you’re good! First of all I want to say sorry for being a little MIA, normally I’m pretty good at blogging and posting gap-fillers even when life is dull, but for the past couple of weeks I have taken a step back because my time and attention has been focused on more important aspects of my life (that pains me to say because blogging IS an important aspect of my life but it had to take a backseat for a bit). Life has literally been a quiet storm, as in nothing and everything has happened at the same time. I haven’t exactly done anything interesting worth writing about but for me personally it has been all over the place.

Okay, so I got a new job! AND I’M SO HAPPY. The people are SO nice and the job is interesting, I really enjoy it when we’re busy and I feel like I’m actually utilising my skills and experience. I’m still a newbie, I’ve only just finished my second week but I feel like I’ve learned so much! So that is one of the main aspects that a lot of my attention has been focused on and I feel that I’m settling in and getting on with everyone really well.

I’ve been rather stressed out as well but hopefully now that I’m settling into this new job and now R is back from Sweden, things should settle down and be less stressful; plus Halloween, my birthday and Christmas is fast approaching, so there’s lots to be excited about!img_3584img_3585img_3586So R came home for a week after he got back from Sweden and for most of it we just chilled out and I had started my new job so I was focusing on that. I was really excited for the weekend to come round and we ended up going to the nearby city for shopping! Halloween decorations had been put up and TNBC Tsum Tsums were released!!! I couldn’t help myself but grab a Jack and Sally, I actually got the last normal looking Jack there though there was a Jack wearing Santa’s hat. They are so cute!!

I ended up doing A LOT of shopping, as a treat to myself for all the stress and congratulations on my new job. I went into Primark and spent just over £70.00 but I’m very happy with everything I got, I think I’ll do a shopping haul soon so that you can see! We then popped into LUSH Cosmetics for some more bath bombs, I was hoping to get some Halloween ones but I wasn’t a mega fan of the ones they had there.img_3597img_3598This guy was out exciting the kids with some giant-ass bubbles, they are huge! I thought it looked pretty magical so I managed to capture a decent shot but nearly got soaked in bubble solution in the process!img_3599img_3600img_3601This is one of the bath bombs that I picked up and if you see it then I highly recommend getting it! I heard that it’s part of the Christmas collection but I seriously hope they keep it on permanently because it is so good! It has sweet citrus smells and cocoa butter; the bomb is in two parts, the top is made of a melty substance which I’m guessing is much like the bath melts with butter in to soften your skin, and the bottom is like a normal bath bomb. The top melts and the bottom fizzes, and there’s extra pink on the inside making it really colourful! It cost £4.25 but I wouldn’t say no to buying it again!p1160867On Sunday we wanted to make the most of the nice weather and something relaxing to do, so we decided to visit Lacock again to look around the Abbey and house; I visited the Lacock village in April for the first time and really enjoyed the pretty surroundings so it was the perfect thing to do!p1160869p1160870p1160872p1160873p1160874p1160876p1160877p1160882PLUS we actually got to see and stand in the corridor that was used in some of the Harry Potter films! R was only interested in seeing that and some of the rooms that was used for some of the classrooms, it was quite cool!p1160885p1160886p1160887p1160888p1160892p1160896p1160897p1160899p1160900p1160884p1160893p1160894p1160895p1160901I never found out what these nuns were for other than the Abbey was used by the nuns, so I assume they represented that but I had a lot of fun finding them, not sure if they were there to be found by children or something but it entertained me!p1160902p1160904p1160905p1160906p1160907p1160908p1160910p1160911p1160913p1160914p1160915p1160916p1160917p1160919p1160920p1160921p1160922p1160923p1160925p1160926p1160927p1160929p1160930p1160931p1160934p1160935p1160936p1160937p1160938p1160940p1160941p1160939p1160942We had a look all around the house which was very aged with lots of intricate details; compared to most we got through it quite quickly, and unfortunately it was ruined by a fire drill halfway through which resulted in us having to walk through to the end of the house in order to get out, which meant the element of surprised by what was to come next was ruined. We had to walk all the way back through to where we got to just to finish the tour!p1160943p1160944p1160945p1160946p1160947p1160948p1160949After the house we went into the courtyard where they had the old brewery and a little book shop with secondhand books. It was actually a pretty little brewery and reminded me of something out of Snow White!p1160950p1160951p1160952We also had a look around the exhibition that was there before we visited the local garden centre for some lunch. I got myself a lemon meringue pie and he got some chocolate cake slices, and we shared a scone with butter and jam. The scones were really nice but unfortunately the meringue pie was watery and soggy from having been frozen and defrosted, I was really disappointed because I have a taste for it lately!!

So that’s pretty much all I’ve been doing lately. R went back to work and I’ve just had my second week at my new job, trying to get myself into a routine and less-stressful situation. I’ve got some upcoming plans that I’m looking forward to but they won’t start until the end of the month, starting with a family Halloween party that we’re having! I want to do some more ‘official’ blog posts in the mean time including my Hyper Japan haul which I might get on and take photos for later today because that’s well overdue!

Thanks to everyone who have continued to read my blog despite my absence, now things are returning to a normal I should be able to get my head back into blogging (at least I better do because my wordpress bill is due at the beginning of November =_=;). Until next time!~♥

4 thoughts on “Life has been a quiet storm – A new step, soapy bubbles and scenes of Harry Potter!

  1. Oh no, I meant the skills I acquired when I passed my Computerised Accountancy exam earlier this year in the programme Sage! I’m finally getting to use it so at least it hasn’t gone to waste!

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