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Marimo Marshmallow store review and discount code! -Ramen candy tutorial!~♥

Hello everyone, how’s it going?? Life has been really busy lately what with my new job but there’s always lots of exciting events and opportunities this end of the year; one of those exciting opportunities I will be sharing with you today!

The wonderful Hiroki Matsuuchi and his wife Marimo, who are owners of the adorable online store ‘Marimo Marshmallow‘, contacted me and very kindly sent me some items that they knew my Japan-loving readers would enjoy to see!!marimoTheir aim is to provide everyone worldwide easy access to products such as snacks, DIY Candy Kits, sweets, accessories, stationery and toys imported straight from Japan!

My favourite section of their website is the candy and snacks sections; they have SO many different ones to choose from, stocking far more interesting items than the UK stores at awesome prices and free shipping on orders over $15 USD! At some point I’d love to do a big snack haul because some of their items such as the Salt & Lemon Cookies and the Pizza Umaibo are so unique! So I was really excited when they said they would love to send me something to try!

You can visit their store here and please do!! Now I’m going to show you what I got, stay tuned until the end of the post to see a special discount code just for my readers!!p1170186p1170187p1170188Apologies for the poor lighting it was taken during the evening! Anyway the parcel arrive within 2 weeks of when I was told it would be shipped out which for coming so far is really fast!! It was securely sealed and had these cute stamps on the box.p1170190p1170192So inside the box, the package was wrapped up securely in tissue paper and underneath were some air pockets to fill up the extra space to stop the parcel from moving around inside. Even though the items were very light and unbreakable, it was still wrapped and protected really well! I got 2 Kracie Popin’ Cookin’ DIY Ramen Candy Kits! I was a little disappointed that they sent me two of the same item as it would’ve been great to try something else but I was still excited to receive it nonetheless, I’ll probably give the other kit away to a friend.p1170194p1170196p1170198p1170199Okay so this is what the packaging looks like and once it has all been opened up and laid out; I’ve done these before so I know that you just add water to the little sachets and mix them but I still wanted to follow a tutorial online to prevent screwing it up. I’m going to show you step-by-step how I made it!p1170201So first things first, I cut out all of the different parts that you’ll use; you need to do this in order to use the molds and such.p1170204p1170207p1170208The first thing to do was make the dumplings, so I opened the small white sweet and was shown that I had to tear two small balls for the fish cake and egg later, and the rest in half for the dumpling cases. The sweet smelled SO GOOD, I wanted to eat it then and there! It smelled a little like bubblegum, a little like soda.p1170211p1170213p1170214p1170217p1170219p1170221After measuring out the dumpling case you can press it lightly into the round mold and press into the hollows. Open the orange sachet which contains sprinkles and pour them either side of the dumpling (make sure you save some of the brown and green sprinkles for later!); close the mold so that both sides and pressed together and voila! You just made your first dumpling! There’s enough for 2 so do this again, my second attempt came out much better than the first lol.p1170222p1170224p1170225p1170226The next step is to make the soup! Taking the little bowl, fill it up with water to the line inside and pour in the brown sachet. Mix until everything has dissolved!p1170228p1170230p1170232Next is to make the noodles!! Taking the last part of the container and the yellow sachet, fill the container with water to the line inside and pour in the sachet. Mix well using the fork until it looks like above!p1170233p1170234p1170236p1170237p1170239p1170240p1170245Now for the really fun and creative part!! Take the toothpick and the transparent bag and poke a hole in the corner; fold down the outer edges of the bag to make it easier to scoop the yellow mixture into the bag (it’s not a messy process because it will solidify a little). Squeeze the mixture to the hole and start piping the ‘noodles’ into your soup! Round and round we go until it looks like this!p1170247p1170249p1170251p1170252p1170253Last but not least, it’s time to make the fish cake and the boiled egg! Taking the two small balls you created earlier with the white sweet, flatten them into the molds; they will remain quite firm so will be easy to remove. Using some of the left over noodle paste, place it in the centre of the egg where the yolk should be.

Did you know that Japanese fish cake is known as Kamaboko? Some like this one have patterns in the middle, in this case it is a swirl pattern and is known as Narutomaki (Naruto for short) and the spiral was inspired by the tidal whirlpool near the Japanese city of Naruto. To create the pink swirl, simply add a drop of water to the left over brown sprinkles and mix into a paste, before applying the colouring with the end of the toothpick!p1170255p1170259p1170261Simply add your fish cake slice and boiled egg with some of the green sprinkles to your noodles and voila! Ramen complete!!

The Verdict:

So after I had finished making it, it was time for the taste test! The dumplings were really yummy actually, they were my favourite part and the noodles were surprisingly tasty! Everything had a soda flavouring, so really wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be and the best tasting DIY kit I’ve had to date!

I thoroughly enjoyed making this and would like to thank Marimo Marshmallow Store so much for considering me worthy enough to experience their service!! I will definitely be buying from them in the future without a doubt, they have so much to choose from!!

Please, please, please go and visit their store here and for an extra 5% off of your shopping you can use my first ever discount code KAWAIIKANAE2016 which is valid FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR!! Thank you so much Marimo Marshmallow and I hope you lovely readers will take full advantage of the code and their wonderful store.

Hope you enjoyed this post, sorry again for the lighting in the photos but I had to do this on the table downstairs and the lighting is rather yellow! Thanks again for reading! Until next time!~♥

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