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My mini Hyper Japan haul – Magical girls galore!~♥

p1170066Hello everyone and welcome to my long overdue Hyper Japan haul post! I finally got round to taking the photos of what I bought, I’ve been SO lazy lately and they’ve just been sitting in the bag that I bought them back in lol. It had been so long that it was almost a surprise finding out what I had bought when I opened it all up again!

If you’re interested in reading about my recent trip to the Hyper Japan convention then you can read it here. I quite enjoyed this one though still not as good as the first one I ever went to, I found this one to have lots of talented artists though and there was so much to see and buy! Still I restrained myself and didn’t take as much money as I normally do to prevent myself over spending haha.

Once again I set myself a list of things I’d like to buy:

  1. A large Anime figure or a couple of blind box figures
  2. DIY Candy Kits
  3. A Re-Ment figure set
  4. A PS1 Game
  5. A Sailor Moon rod replica

WHAT!? NO ALPACA PLUSH!!?? IT’S AN OUTRAGE!! Yes, this time I did not buy myself an Alpaca plush or any plush for that matter. Firstly I didn’t even see one that I fell in love with and secondly I don’t have the room for another giant plush, since I only have one on show at the moment. I was really keen for some figures ever since I bought a blind box at the last event and some DIY Candy Kits because I’d like to do a post dedicated to them! So without further ado, let’s see what I got!p1170070p1170077First up is Strawberry Milk! I get this everytime I go to a convention because it is super yummy! It cost me just £1.00 and is really light and refreshing!p1170079One of the first stalls that we stumbled upon was a stall that I’ve seen many times at this event, selling lots of adorable ceramic charms that are individually handmade and painted! They are called Miyabi and you can visit their website here! We got really friendly with the ladies that worked there, they were so chatty and friendly and took photos of and with us. We promised to pop by the next day and see them again, this time we bought some of their charms! For some reason I was particularly drawn to the farm ones and ended up with a pig, a raddish and a cow, so cute! I chose to put them on this giant safety pin and I think there was a deal that if you bought 3 charms you could choose what to put them on (necklace, pin, keyring, bracelet etc. – the proper word has escaped me right now) for £10.00.p1170082p1170083Next is a Lala Tsum Tsum! Me and Pixie saw these the day before we cosplayed as Kiki and Lala! I have lots of Tsum Tsums but they are all Disney, no Japanese ones! Pixie treated me to this one, I got Lala and she got Kiki!p1170091I didn’t buy this at Hyper Japan but it was something I bought that weekend and Pixie treated me to this too since I bought the Hello Kitty lunch! A pin badge from Cutter and Squidge!p1170095p1170096p1170097First to tick off my checklist are these DIY Candy Kits! There was a stall there this time selling LOADS of DIY candy and some American candy! The first one is the Kracie Popin Cooking Pudding Parfait set costing £5.00, the second is Kracie Nerunerunerune Blue Soda sweet costing £3.00 and finally is Kracie Oekaki Gummy Land set costing £5.00! I’m really looking forward to making these!p1170099p1170102p1170105Another one to tick off my list! This was not the first blind box that I bought but the first that I opened. I was really hoping to get Gatomon which had been my favourite as a child but sadly I got these little guys which I think is Leafmon though not sure what the little pinecone looking one is called. The box cost me £6.00 I believe and they are now sitting on my shelf!p1170109p1170111p1170116Next is another one to cross off my ticklist, a Rilakkuma Re-Ment set! Basically they are tiny toy sets, so tiny they would be fitting for a cute doll house! I thought the little cake set was really cute but ended up getting the kitty scratch post with two little figures! It does also come with a little pink ladder but I have chosen not to display that loose part as I can see it falling over a lot lol. This set cost me £7.00 and is so adorable!p1170118p1170119p1170126p1170127I got myself another Re-Ment set because they are just too cute, this time in a Little Twin Stars set costing £7.00 as well! This or the Sailor Moon series was what I originally wanted and found it after I bought a Rilakkuma set. I wanted the little sewing machine but ended up getting the little Kiki and Lala cupcake set complete with a plate, fork, whipped cream, cookie, and a strawberry milkshake glass!p1170132p1170134p1170136I became a little addicted to the blind boxes and really wanted to get my hands on some Cardcaptor Sakura ones because it’s my favourite!! I found this adorable set and as always really wanted the Pink Kitty figure as I didn’t get it last time but instead got this Alice in Wonderland-themed one! She’s very cute and has 2 different faces, so you can swap her head around for a different look! I believe she cost me £6.00!p1170141p1170142p1170144I found another blind box for the same price that I just had to have! I really wanted either Sakura or Madison/Tomoyo in the pink outfit and I finally got a figure I wanted!! A pink Sakura!! She’s so cute! She came with a little Kero as well but I am not displaying him for the moment either in fear of him getting lost.p1170130This is one of my favourite pieces of jewellery I have ever bought from a convention! The artist is called GowenIllustration; I was really stuck between the lion and the tiger but considering lions are my favourite animals it just felt right to get the lion. It was originally £12.00 but because she had a scratch on her foot and was the last one, I was allowed it for £10.00! I love it SO much and wore it recently when I visited the zoo!P1160706I felt so happy to have bought it and support a fantastic artist! I would highly recommend them as not only is the art amazing but the necklace itself was made really well! I picked up their card so please click the following links to find out more about them!

Etsy shop

p1170150Of course my time there wouldn’t be complete without buying some cute stationery but this time I picked up something I knew I would use, kawaii stickers! I love puffy stickers and they were only £1.50 each; I already have the pink bear set but I really liked them so got more, and the Alice in Wonderland set was adorable too, I couldn’t help myself!p1170184Ticking another off my list, a PS1 game! If you guys haven’t caught on already I collect PS1 games and if you really don’t then where have you been??? And yes, you are reading correctly, this cost me £50.00…What possessed me to buy it? Only that this has been one of my top most wanted games for YEARS! If you don’t know what it is, it is basically a puzzle game where you are a beach ball rolling around a multi-gravitational course? and I used to have it on demo as a child and even though I didn’t play it much, there was just something about it that brought me a great sense of nostalgia. It wasn’t a mass-produced game which makes it pretty hard to get your hands on and ofc made me want it even more!!p1170153p1170154p1170156p1170159Last but not least and ticking the final thing off of my list, I got my hands on a Sailor Moon rod replica! These were much easier to find as Dreamy Bows sells a lot of Sailor Moon merchandise; I wanted both the pink ones and at one point I had them both in my hands but I decided to buy it on the second day and unfortunately the other pink one was sold out but I still got my hands on one, it’s a really kawaii addition to my display and cost me just £13.00! If you are interested in getting one for yourself then check out Dreamy Bows website!

So that’s everything for my 2016 Hyper Japan haul! I got everything that I wanted and spent just £139.00 on everything in total! A lot for some but much less than what I’ve spent before haha. I’m really looking forward to making the DIY kits soon and the Sailor Moon rod has already found a spot on my shelf!

I hope you enjoyed this post and seeing what I got, I’m finally relieved that it’s all been packed away haha! I highly doubt I’ll be attending a convention anytime soon so this is going to be my last convention haul for some time! However I’m quite the shopaholic so it won’t be my last haul lol. Until next time!~♥

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