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Off-roading in Autumn and Zombie make-up fail!

Hello everyone! I hope you have been enjoying the Halloween festivities, did you get up to anything exciting? It’s a shame that Halloween doesn’t last long, it is by far one of my favourite times of the year, but hey at least I am thoroughly looking forward to Christmas this year!

I had had quite a busy week of work so I was really excited for the weekend to arrive even though I knew it was going to be really busy! R came home after not seeing him for 3 weeks which was nice, as of now he should be home a lot more as Christmas draws nearer. I spent Friday evening with him at his parents and got up early the next day.img_3620I hadn’t been around shops for 3 weeks so I was in desperate need of necessity shopping! We went into the town centre where I used to work and I managed to get most of the things that I needed, including some things for work. In the middle of the mall was this fenced off section all decorated for Halloween; it’s the first time (having worked there for 6 and a half years) that I’ve ever seen any Halloween decoration occur. Usually the shops just do a trick-or-treat activity for the children where they dress up and get candy from the shops, but this time there was a section where children could do free pumpkin carving, as well as meet and take a photo with a Harry Potter look-alike. The guy really did look like Harry Potter though a tad skinnier lol.img_3621img_3622img_3623img_3627After shopping we grabbed a McDonalds and drove for about an hour before doing some adventuring! We hadn’t been out properly in the Land Rover for quite a while so it was nice to get out in the countryside again. It’s the first time that I got to properly appreciate Autumn, with all the beautiful colours that this part of the country is absolutely full of right now! So much orange and red, so pretty!! It was really relaxing even if I did get thrown about a lot. The Land Rover got good and muddy too so we took it to the fjord we’ve visited before to clean the underside.img_3632We popped back to his parent’s house to pick up some things and keep Wally company for a bit; him and Eric have become really good friends and I came out to find them just led there like this!! SO CUTE!! Eric was actually softly bopping Wally on the nose lol ♥♥♥

Luckily his mum came home shortly so we could leave the dog as we had to get back to mine to prepare for the Halloween Zombie-themed party we were having!p1170262p1170263p1170265p1170266p1170268p1170269p1170276p1170277p1170278Okay so this wasn’t MY party, it was my dads. Him and my brother spent MONTHS planning this and organising it! It was made to look kinda like an abandoned junk yard-type thing where zombies would be found wandering around.p1170272p1170274I don’t know if she has been mentioned on my blog yet but everyone meet Geraldine, our transgender zombie! Would you believe that she’s been standing in our garden since MARCH??? I’ve become quite fond of her and will be sad to see her leave, I almost feel that I’m safer with her standing guard haha. I decided to snap a quick selfie and bite with her before getting ready myself!p1170302Okay…so my make-up didn’t entirely go to plan…I used the Snazaroo face paints and it looked really effective in my bedroom lighting but then something happened…I don’t know if it was because it dried and went drastically darker or because of the light that I was under outside, but my make-up went REALLY purple and I kinda looked like a plum…I’m inclined to blame a bit of both…

I used some of the cheap fake blood but it peeled off my face! At first it looked cool because it looked like I had some skin disease but then it started peeling off my face, and along with it came my face paint. I had to fix my make-up at least 3 times to stop myself looking so purple and in the end looked like I had a red 5 ‘o clock shadow rather than a stained mouth from eating flesh.p1170282p1170301p1170305p1170324p1170349p1170355And here are some awesome zombie shots! There was at least 30 people and everyone made a lot of effort. R doesn’t even know how to zombie, not like my brother who’s a natural at the part; both him and his fiance (with the white eyes) looked amazing! We had food that was named with Halloween names and a prize for the best dressed zombie! Overall it was really fun, great to see so many faces that I hadn’t seen for a long time.

I’m going to stop this blog here, it was my birthday on Friday so now I am officially 25 and old!! ARGH!! I will save the birthday-related things for another post though. Thanks for reading, until next time!~♥

2 thoughts on “Off-roading in Autumn and Zombie make-up fail!

    1. It does if she feels comfortable as a woman and is trapped inside a man’s body and is changing her appearance to feel more comfortable in herself; as I said we gave her her own identity but I’m not about to launch into a whole story about it. This isn’t the first time you’ve picked at something ¬_¬

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