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Keep cosy this winter – Large Primark winter essentials haul!

Hello, hello!! How’s it going? The weather here in the UK has drastically got cooler, apparently we are due the coldest start to a winter in 5 years! Well, something like that…I just know it’s bloody cold!

So that means it’s definitely time to get all of your winter essentials out; hats, scarves, gloves, coats, slippers and cosy knits! Today I’m showing you some of my newest winter essential bargains that I snagged at my local Primark! Here goes (p.s sorry for the light changes, it gets dark here early and it was taken with my ring light in the evening)!p1170392So first up is this lovely dark red hoodie! I LOVE hoodies, they are so cosy and are an absolute must in my casual wardrobe! Primark is really good for hoodies actually because they have plenty of different colours to choose from and they are really soft! They do shrink a bit so it might be wise to get it in a bigger size if you want it to be loose and comfy; I got this one in a size 10 and it cost me £7.00!p1170399Next is this beautiful cherry red crew neck top, I’m not really sure what it is because it’s like a knit but not quite and I don’t know my fabrics haha. It’s really soft and comfortable, perfect for keeping you warm and fitted to your body. Again I wanted to add some of these types of tops to my wardrobe because they work well casual over jeans or paired with a skirt and tights, they keep you warm so you can get away with wearing a light jacket over the top! I got this in a size 6 for just £4.50!!p1170412I bought the same jumper in a blue to add some more colour to my dark wardrobe since I have a lot of black and grey; again a size 6 for £4.50.p1170410Very similar to the tops above but this time with a v-neck in, what I like to call, a ‘Slytherin green’. I actually wore a top that was almost exact when I went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour this time last year and liked it so much that I wanted to get it again because it suited me nicely. Again in a size 6 costing me £4.50!p1170408Another top that is made of a similar material to the ones above but with a roll neck. I quite like the higher necks and this is good if you don’t want to wear a bulky scarf. It’s in a similar green to the one above but a bit less bright, costing me £6.00 and in a size 6.p1170403Another hoodie! This is a dark flecked grey, same style as the red one; unfortunately I picked it up in a size 8 rather than a size 10 but still very comfortable and perfect to wear under thinner jackets like my leather one, costing me £7.00.p1170418I LOVE this chunky knit jumper SOOO MUCH!! I actually wanted it in grey but they were sold out!! I picked it up in this beige colour to go with my lighter clothes because I don’t have many winter-suitable clothes in the lighter shades. Personal anecdote but it actually reminds me of my two cousins, whom I saw for the first time in 10 years this summer due to the unfortunate circumstance of my uncle passing; when my mum was around we saw my aunt and cousins a lot, and when they were younger they both had a thick knitted jumper in this colour which they wore a lot! I grabbed it in a size 8 so that it was baggier and longer on me, and it cost me £7.00 I believe.p1170420p1170422Last but not least is my FAVOURITE piece and probably my most-loved purchase in quite a while! A padded bomber jacket!! I have been after a jacket like this for so long, I can’t even start on all the places I looked for the perfect jacket. I saw so many photos on Tokyo Fashion of these girls wearing an oversized bomber jacket and I just could not find one anywhere that wasn’t fitted or cropped! This item is probably the most expensive item I have ever purchased from Primark at £16.00 but it was well worth it; I tried a few sizes on and settled for a size 10, giving the baggy, oversized style that I was after without looking like a tent and being big enough to fit a jumped under if need be. It has popper pockets on either side and an arm zip pocket for detail. I love it so much and I love wearing it (actually wore it when I visited Lacock Abbey in one of my earlier blog posts if you’d like to see what it looked like on properly). I may go back and get another one but I am so glad I snagged it!

So that’s everything for this blog post! All together I spent £61.50!! That’s an amazing price for everything I got and I’m really happy with it all! I would definitely recommend giving Primark a try for all of your basics and essentials, it’s the perfect place to go to if you’re looking for underwear, tights, pyjamas, jumpers, hoodies, basic tops and jeans! Some of my most worn items are from Primark and I’ve had them for years!

My next post will probably be a birthday haul (a bit delayed but I needed to do this one first so that I could put all of the clothes away lol)! Thank you for reading, until next time!~♥

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