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My birthday gift haul – Happy 25th to me! ♥

Hello everyone! Ever so sorry that this post is so delayed, tbh this is the first weekend I’ve had in November where I could just sit down and do some serious blogging and had everything together!

So on the 4th of November I turned 25. Yup. At first I was dreading it but as it got closer I decided to let myself be excited for it as whether I wanted it to or not, it was going to come and go! I finally managed to take some time out to photograph everything I got, so let’s get straight to it!p1170451First present I opened was from my sister and I got some very cosy items from her! This simple fleece blanket is perfect because I recently decided to sacrafice my other fleece blanket for something else and was thinking of getting myself a new one, now I don’t need to!p1170457p1170458These gifts were from R’s parents! I’m a big lover of bobble hats and was needing to get some gloves for when we go on holiday in February but once again someone comes to the rescue and now I don’t need to! They’ll keep me warm and the cream gloves even have the special tips so that I can still use my phone!p1170459p1170460These gifts were from my friend and ex-work colleague; she knows me well, cute things and bubble gum sweets! She also packed some cute pens, a Marie Tsum Tsum (who I unfortunately already have) and dinner!p1170470This gift was brilliantly picked by my bestie Pixie who, if you’ve read my previous birthday-related posts, has an amazing knack for finding unique yet adorable gifts! We all know that I love TLK and this short necklace is such an adorable Boho-style accessory!p1170454R took me shopping and let me choose what I wanted; I spotted these ADORABLE GINGERBREAD SOCKS! OMG! The start of my festive attitude had already begun even at the beginning of November!p1170466img_3680img_3599He also bought me some new LUSH products! Every year I get the Snow Fairy shower gel so that was a must, I also wanted to try a new bath bomb called ‘Shoot for the Stars’ and got another of the ‘Never Mind the Ballistic’ bombs!p1170477p1170479p1170480p1170481Once again my addiction with the Tsum Tsum’s strikes! Popped into a Clintons and found some that I haven’t seen in my local one! Mike and Sully were new as well as Christmas Daisy (who happened to be the character of my first ever Tsum Tsum), and Chewie was yet to be added to my Star Wars gang! R so kindly bought them for me also!p1170461p1170464These were gifts that I bought with the birthday money I got given since I had plenty left over after purchasing ‘The Big Gift’! I’ve wanted to own Moulin Rouge on DVD for ages and the newest (and last) Studio Ghibli film caught my eye! I haven’t watched either yet, maybe I’ll watch one of them this weekend.p1170483p1170485This is not the Marie Tsum Tsum I mentioned earlier but still, my brother and his girlfriend thought it wise to get me a large Tsum Tsum! Not sure where to put her yet so she’s just on my bed but she’s SO cute!p1170486More snuggly things from my sister! I was in dire need of some slippers since October got bitterly cold from no where and the heating hadn’t properly been sorted, and once again my sister delivers! These adorable fluffy and soft sheep slipper boots ARE PERFECT and SO WARM (evidently still on my feet when I took this photo)!!p1170472p1170474Last but not least is ‘The Big Gift’ mentioned earlier! I asked my family for some money to put towards a new camera lens and I was very lucky with this one! Two years ago I popped into a camera store in Bristol and found a decent lens but it was £250.00 new and I couldn’t afford it at the time. Two years later and I start realising that it would be really ideal for a different lens with a better zoom ready for when we go on holiday in Feb, especially after I struggled capturing some animals at a distance when I visited the zoo earlier this year!

Lucky for me they had this second-hand Olympus lens (apparently modern Olympus lenses fit my camera despite it being a Panasonic Lumix camera) which looked pretty much brand new and worked perfectly with my camera! The best bit is that it cost me just £99.99! That’s a massive drop from the £250.00 I was expecting to pay! I’m really excited to try it out and I’m hoping it will help me with close-ups for blogging since this lens is specifically for zooming (mostly for things at a distance but I will still try it for close-ups lol). I am very happy to have it now, it has been forever since I first saw it!!

Anyway that’s it for my birthday haul! I thought I did pretty well considering I didn’t ask for anything and everyone managed to get me stuff that I really needed! Still I’m glad that birthdays only come once a year lol bring on Christmas!!

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