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A peek into my November – Turning 25, trying Thai for the first time and magical bath bombs!

Hello everyone! So November has come to a close, that was a fast one huh! So it’s Christmas next and I am SO EXCITED. Yup, be prepared because this blog is gunna get a whole lot festive!!! But first, here’s a peek into what I’ve been doing this November!img_3638So here’s a random photo of my Jack and Sally Tsum Tsums, I was quite pleased with this edit for my Instagram haha but onto more pressing things…I TURNED 25. O_O So yeah…not sure how I feel about that tbh I’m just kind of ignoring it hahaha. I think I’m okay, it’s not too bad and I have a WHOLE year until I’m 26 and hopefully life will have progressed by then…a whole year…img_3640So the day after my birthday was a Saturday and R was back, so we went to Bristol to do some shopping! I treated myself to lots of things which you would have seen already by now and ofc I popped into LUSH! I just had to take a photo of these adorable bubble wands of CHRISTMAS DINOSAURS. CUTE!!!p1170363p1170381After doing some shopping we decided it was definitely time for food as someone was getting a bit grizzly…I spotted this Vietnamese Pho restaurant called ‘Pho Bristol’ near the Harbourside! I have tried Pho before at a restaurant called Tampopo but unfortunately the restaurant closed down! I had really wanted R to try it so on a snap decision we decided to go, probably the fastest food-related decision ever made by me! I got a bowl of Pho with brisket and an iced tea; it was all incredibly fresh with extra toppings that you could put on yourself, though it had a mint/fresh herb taste that I can’t put my finger on that was a little too strong for me, I probably would’ve enjoyed it a little more if the broth was a little meatier but it was still very yummy and although I didn’t get through much of the broth the noodles were actually quite filling!img_3647The following Saturday my bestie JD took me out for food as a birthday treat! We were originally going to go to a friendly, cheap-and-cheerful pub chain but it was closed for renovation!! Noooo!!! So we just popped to Costa for some paninis, cakes and hot chocolate! Super yum!img_3652I actually dressed up that day too, wearing my new red knit top with red lips! I attempted a StyleSuzi Autumn make-up look too and really liked it!img_3658It’s that time of year when having a nice, hot bubble bath becomes a very welcoming thought! i just added some bubbles and the LUSH bath bomb ‘Butter Ball’ (doesn’t show up much because it’s white) along with some candles and Michael Buble music! It was really nice and I was so relaxed when I got out. On a side note my bathroom isn’t dirty, the silicone in between the tiles got stained after some work was done in there…img_3664img_3665img_3682img_3683Last weekend R suddenly came home, I wasn’t entirely sure that he was so unfortunately we couldn’t do what I originally wanted to do because all the tickets had sold out! So next month I am going to book the tickets so that we can go just after christmas. Anyway I was after some more bits so we went to our normal shopping city and decided to try this new Thai streetfood restaurant that I have been wanting to try! Unfortunately Thai food isn’t our thing it appears…I ordered an iced tea (as I always do at restaurants) and this frappachino looking thing came along! I sneakily tried a bit but it wasn’t very nice, so told the waitress that I didn’t know it was a milk iced tea and I can’t have dairy (given the amount of whipped cream on top) so luckily I was able to exchange it for a coke.

I can’t remember what R had but it was some sort of grilled chicken which he said was fairly nice but the noodle salad he had on the side was too fussy and the food too spicy. I had the Pad Thai which if I could describe it tasted like greasy roast chicken noodles, but it got cold very quickly and although I ate just under half it really wasn’t for me. We were in there for about 40 minutes overall and it was quite expensive!! The waitress came over and asked how everything was, and was pretty shocked when I asked for the bill despite our fairly full plates; she seemed quite annoyed that we had barely eaten anything and I had already wasted a drink, so we were pretty glad to get out of there and we won’t be going back!!img_3680img_3681img_3679img_3678That evening we decided to test one of my newest bath bombs called ‘Shoot for the Stars’; the description on the LUSH website is: “Honey-scented sparkles of Brazilian Orange and Bergamot waltz with swirling, golden stars, creating a world of colbalt colour. As the calming blanket of shimmering, midnight blue unfolds, Brazilian Orange and Bergamot oils combine to send your mood rocketing up to the stars.

No joke guys, this was the BEST bath bomb we have ever tried and we’ve tried a fair few now! Not only did it smell really nice but it left our skin SO soft like we had bathed in oil rather than water! Our skin was still soft and moistursed even the next day! The bath turned an exciting blue and had 3D gold, glitter stars inside that took longer to melt! Not only did we get out soft and smelling good but we were glittery too!!

So that’s it for my November! This is the first weekend I’ve had properly by myself so I’m hoping to get some blog posts done and scheduled for the last few days of November and beginning of December! I’m really looking forward to Christmas, I’m going to be really festive!! I am not excited for pay day though, it’s going to be really depressing watching my money dwindle so fast haha. Until next time!~♥

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