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Walking in a Winter Wonderland – Crowded Christmas markets, the night I can’t remember and Wonderland in Hyde park! (Photo post)

Hello everyone!! How have you been? I am so sorry that it has been a while since I blogged but apart from being pretty busy and having the boyfriend back home, my laptop has fallen ill and is pretty much standing on its last legs. I’m not sure what happened, I think it might have a virus but Avast isn’t working properly and the laptop won’t shut down but restarts even though I press shut down. I’m pretty gutted about it because it means that I’ll possibly have to get a new one and I’ve had this one for 8 years! So yeah, that’s the main reason why I haven’t been blogging.

Anyway I have lots of festive cheer for this post to keep the Christmas spirit high! And I have more on the way too so hopefully they’ll get you in the mood too!p1170492p1170496p1170497p1170498p1170499p1170501p1170502p1170503p1170504p1170505On the 3rd of December I went to a local Christmas market with one of my best friends! We wanted to do some shopping for Christmas and hang out but it was SO BUSY. Apparently it was the busiest Saturday in the city of the month being the first weekend of December and after pay day, so much so that 10,000 extra seats were arranged for the trains that were heading there! The Christmas market was absolutely packed that I struggled to see anything and with us both being small we were just shunted along as the crowd moved…p1170506p1170507p1170508After we had attempted to see the market and done our shopping we stopped for a quick Costa and somehow managed to get a seat. My friend had a Black forest hot chocolate with a bakewell tart, and I had a normal hot chocolate with a salted caramel and chocolate cake. Yum!img_3715img_3711I did a lot of my present shopping over the internet and a lot of them had arrived and were piling up, so since it was December and I could finally be Christmassy I sat down in my Christmas pyjamas with a hot chocolate and a Christmas movie on whilst I wrapped!img_3964img_3724img_3992The 9th came around quickly and I went for a Christmas meal! It was quite a nice do so I made sure to dress up proper and was really pleased with my overall look considering I only had 2 hours to get ready! The gold nude bodycon dress was from Boo Hoo and the white faux fur jacket was from eBay, my heels and bag that I wore were ones I already owned and the earrings were also from eBay!

I think I’ll save it for another time but I basically got really drunk and there’s a really big gap I can’t remember! I was really ill and let’s just say that my jacket sadly didn’t survive. My shoes are pretty scuffed up which I’m gutted about so I’m going to try and see if I can find some more…I’ve learned my lesson and will definitely be staying away from wine!img_3972img_3974I had another Christmas meal to attend on the 16th (this time I decided to stay away from the wine); it was a 3 course meal (though I skipped the starter) and I had steak with a vanilla cheesecake for dessert! R had a rich chocolate mousse with mango pearls which I stayed away from because it reminded me too much of the chocolate mousse I had the Friday before…p1170577p1170569p1170572p1170573p1170587On Saturday the 17th we had another early rise as we were going to London for the Winter Wonderland event in Hyde Park for the first time! Unfortunately I had a very hectic and stressful morning! Firstly I was trying to be quiet as my dad was still sleeping but my body decided that it wanted to drop everything that came into my possession making me very noisy. Secondly I couldn’t find my hat ANYWHERE and I just knew that I’d really need it. Finally was that 30-40 mins from home whilst on our way, I realised that I had FORGOTTEN THE TICKETS!!! I was so annoyed that I almost cancelled the entire day regardless of the fact that I had paid for 2 activities for us to do, I had gotten to the point that I had just had enough. We had to turn back round to go get them but fortunately I found my hat at the same time, and although we were running later than we had planned I was a lot happier with my hat.p1170605p1170607p1170617p1170618p1170620p1170622p1170623Amazingly we got into London pretty easily and even managed to park even though it cost us £39.99!! I kept trying to calm R down over the price by saying that it would be more for a ticket by train for each of us and more hassle but it did very little to calm him so I bought him a Nandos.

We wandered through Oxford Street because of where the car park was and did a little bit of shopping; I spotted a Disney store and it was an absolute must that we went in because not only is there not one anywhere near me but I knew it would be mega!! I got to have a photo with Stormtroopers, met Minnie and found my princess carriage (however my Fairy Godmother did not show up to transform my outfit :)! The store makes for great photo opportunities!!p1170629As we came out of the store we heard a lot of chanting; suddenly this giant protest was coming down the road and nearly trampled us! Now I’m pretty ignorant when it comes to the news and political protests though I can gather a rough idea of what is going on here, it was getting quite rowdy so we left pretty quick.p1170630After some walking we finally made it to Hyde Park! The event was free but you needed to pay if you wanted to do certain activities like the circus. I was quite excited and had high hopes, and was very glad to have found my hat and bring my gloves because it suddenly got VERY cold! Now there will just be a load of photos of the park!p1170632p1170633p1170634p1170638p1170643p1170646p1170649p1170651p1170654p1170655p1170657p1170658Lots of wintery photos! The park was pretty big; there was a small Christmas market, a traditional fairground, ‘Santa Land’ with kid rides, more extreme rides with rollercoasters, tons of food stalls and prize stalls, ice skating, circus and shows, and more!p1170660So…you remember that time I went to Hyper Japan and didn’t buy myself an Alpaca because I didn’t have the room for it? Yeah…this happened. There was a stall selling tons of them, the biggest going for £20.00 which was mega cheap compared to the £35.00 that I’ve been buying them for at conventions. I’ve wanted a mint one for ages and despite buying it knew immediately that I would have no room for him but hey-ho! Meet Minto!

Here we were waiting to go into the Magical Ice Kingdom, where we would get to view lots of amazing sculptures carved from ice!p1170662p1170665p1170670p1170671p1170674p1170676p1170677p1170681p1170682p1170686p1170687p1170690p1170691p1170696p1170699p1170703p1170705The Magical Ice Kingdom was amazing and in my opinion it made the whole thing worth it. The detail on the sculptures were stunning, you could see individual hairs and teeth! I’d highly recommend visiting something like this, but make sure you wrap up really warm with a hat and gloves because it was a freezing -13 degrees in there! It was so cold my teeth were chattering and when we stepped outside into the cold from there we actually felt warm and I took my jacket off!p1170711p1170712p1170724p1170728p1170720Last but not least we went on the observation wheel which reminded me how scared of heights I actually am. I clung to R the entire time and got him to take photos for me whilst I watched an oblivious 2 year-old stick her hands out of the gap in the door =_=’. I felt better on the way down and the Christmas market looked really pretty! When we had finished the ride it was time to go home!

Tbh I was quite disappointed with the Winter Wonderland event, it seemed far more hyped up than it actually is. The Christmas market was pretty small and the majority of it was prize stalls and food stalls that you can find at any outdoor market event (crepes, hot dogs, chips, waffles etc.); I also had the WORST hot chocolate (according to R because I thought it looked so bad I didn’t even try it). The fairground rides didn’t interest me and if it wasn’t for the Magical Ice Kingdom then it would’ve been a huge disappointment. I wouldn’t advise going regardless of it being free unless you are local and going to pay for one of the shows or events that they are hosting.

Anyway that’s how festive I have been so far! I’m excited for Christmas but I’m yet to feel really Christmassy!! Have you been doing anything exciting on the run up to Christmas? Hope you enjoyed the read, until next time~♥

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