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A day at Longleat Safari Park and the Festival of Light (Part 2) – Cute critters and meeting Peter Rabbit! (Photo heavy)

Hello everyone!! Welcome back to part 2 of my Longleat posts, sorry for the gap but New Year got in the way! Let’s jump straight back into it!p1180004p1180005p1180006p1180009p1180011p1180013p1180015p1180016p1180017p1180019p1180023p1180025p1180027p1180028So after the safari park we entered the other part of the park which consists of smaller animal enclosures, gift shops and food stalls. We went to the Jungle Kingdom section where we got to see smaller animals like otters, snakes and small monkeys. There’s a section where you can walk through the meerkat enclosure and in the Monkey Temple the monkeys (as seen above) were not enclosed but able to run along ropes and such around the area! You don’t get more free than that! It’s a wonder they don’t just up and disappear up a nearby tree??p1180029p1180030p1180032p1180035p1180041p1180043p1180044Next up with Penguin Island! Sadly there wasn’t many penguins because the park has recently had a bout of Avian Malaria which killed a lot of them :(. There was also a section with stingrays swimming around in a large pool where you could stroke them! I touched one and it felt SO weird! Like, instead of feeling really smooth and slightly slimy like you’d think, they feel rough and bumpy!

Sadly we missed the last river cruise available (we actually left our tickets in the car so there would’ve been a chance that we wouldn’t have been let on anyway) which takes you on the river where you can see and feed the sea lions, pass Gorilla Colony and look out for the hippos!p1180051p1180052p1180053p1180054p1180055p1180058p1180061p1180062p1180064p1180065p1180067p1180074p1180076p1180077p1180080Next we went to the Animal Adventure section, which used to be the Pet’s Corner section, to see even smaller critters! Mostly guinea pigs, rabbits, lizards and birds but still all very cute!img_4080img_4081After all the walking around we finally realised that we were starving!! So we headed to the park cafe and got ourselves something! I got the chicken, chips and beans and R got the fish and chips with peas.p1180081It got very dark suddenly and that meant it was time for the Fesitval of Light! The festival has been a rather recent addition where the park puts up a chinese lantern display! This year it was celebrating Longleat’s 50th anniversary with a shared celebration for Beatrix Potter’s 150th anniversary!! So without further ado, here are lots of gorgeously pretty lantern pictures!p1180084p1180085p1180087p1180088p1180089p1180093p1180095p1180097p1180101p1180102p1180106p1180107p1180109p1180110p1180113p1180114p1180115p1180116p1180117p1180118p1180119p1180120And then my camera died! T_T It was a good thing I got a spare battery for Christmas! I managed to get some photos on mine and R’s phones but they might not be as good quality so sorry about that!img_4098img_4084img_4087img_4089img_4091img_4093img_4095img_4096img_4100And then my phone died!! Typical but it didn’t surprise me as my phone does this thing where it dies if it gets too cold. So it was this point that I stole R’s phone!img_4197img_4195img_4193img_4194img_4196img_4187img_4188img_4189img_4190img_4191img_4192img_4186img_4185img_4184img_4183img_4182img_4181img_4180img_4177So as we followed the main lantern trail round the side of the house, we all queued and waited for entrance to the house’s gardens to view the Beatrix Potter lanterns!! Say hello to Peter Rabbit and friends!! Who’s your favourite character? Mine is Jemima Puddle-Duck!! It was really pretty, the display was spectacular!img_4178img_4179At the end of the trail was this giant Christmas tree covered in dancing lights, changing colours and showing different patterns. They also had a loudspeaker telling a story that was being projected on the buildings behind but we didn’t stick around long enough to find out what the story was about because it was bloomin’ cold!!!img_4176img_4174img_4175img_4173img_4170img_4172Finally the long day had come to a close and it was time for us to walk the main path through the lantern arch and back to the car. We were both really tired from the day and extremely cold but we thoroughly enjoyed it, it was even better that we hadn’t been there for a long time and remembered very little, it felt completely different than when you go as a kid!

Anyway that’s it for this post, sorry part 2 was up so late but obviously the New Year one had to be posted first and I haven’t had the rest of the photos until now to finish this post! I hope you enjoyed it, I don’t know if the park plans on doing another lantern festival at the end of 2017 but if they do then you should definitely go! Up next is a first impressions review on a very popular game right now so please stick around! Until next time~♥

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