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Review Time – My first (15) thoughts on Pokemon Sun! (Minor spoilers!!)

sun_moon_logoHello everyone! It’s been a little while but today I am doing a Nintendo 3DS review on the new ‘Pokemon Sun’ game! Since the blowout of Pokemon Go, everyone has been buzzing for the new release of Pokemon Sun and Moon; having not bought my own Pokemon game for many years, as my brother kindly plays it and then hands it down to me, I decided that this time I would get it for myself. Me and my brother actually agreed to get one each (Sun for me and Moon for him) so that we could play together (though I failed at this because I haven’t picked it up all that much even after making him wait until Boxing Day before my secret santa could give it to me lol). However I have been playing a lot more since the boyfriend returned to work and so far I am enjoying it.p1180139asap-nintendo-pokemon-sun-and-moon1280jpg-6536b8_1280wI was actually playing Pokemon X before I was able to play this one and although I was already aware of how different the newest games were since the last one I played [owned – Pokemon Black and White], I was still surprised by the leap between that game and this one! So here are my first 15 initial thoughts of Pokemon Sun!

Note – Please bear in mind that this post will contain minor spoilers of the game. If you do not wish for it to be spoiled at all then please do not read this post, however I have tried to focus more on gameplay aspects and released information rather than the storyline and new details of the game.pokemon-sun-and-moons-alola-region1) It doesn’t feel like any other Pokemon game we’ve played before – Okay so I’m not going to go into the details of Pokemon as we all know the main plot by now but although this game follows similar paths as its predecessors, the whole game feels different. I can’t really explain it other than this Pokemon universe/region (Alola) feels much, much smaller and almost more personal. mom2) Mom looks like she belongs there, am I adopted? – Okay so my first thought when I saw my ‘mom’ was that she looked and acted like she belonged there. I can’t remember if she said she had been there before but considering I chose the palest character with blonde hair and blue eyes, we sure as hell didn’t look alike!people3) Why am I wearing a beanie hat on a tropical island!? – Okay so as you can see I chose the blonde’ character and just like all the other characters, she’s wearing a hat. Not just any hat though, a BEANIE HAT. Like the kind you wear in the winter! I know this is such a minor design flaw but seriously Nintendo, these characters are out in the blazing heat so why couldn’t you have given them a bandana or something??pokemonsunmoon-islandchallenge-hala__large4) No more gyms!? – So if you don’t know this then I’d be shocked because it was big news across Pokemon fans waiting for this game. There are no gyms! What!? So this was a bit of a shock and probably what made the game feel completely different, knowing that you weren’t going to step into a gym. Instead they are called ‘Island Challenges’. I won’t go into details about them but I feel that the change isn’t a bad one.pokemon-sol-luna-avance-juegos-nintendo-3ds_05) Overall gameplay style has been updated – One of the first things I noticed was how smooth the gameplay was; it’s more free and less block-y? Less pixelated definitely. You have more freedom of where you can explore (e.g. behind houses and in corners) and it hasn’t been designed on a square grid which adds more dimension to the game.img-36) My character is less robotic – Since they’ved updated the gameplay to be smoother, they also decided to update the animation of the characters! People including your trainer are now less robotic and interact better with things (e.g. picking up a found item). I also like how your character interacts with their environment, like when they are walking uphill you can see the strain it has on how your character walks.pokemon-sun-moon-rattata-reveal7) Recycled Pokemon – Sadly I haven’t come across many new Pokemon which is a shame because I do like when you have lots of new Pokemon to choose from, but it seems like they are now recycling Pokemon because some of the first generation can be found with…makeovers.jzh1uihanz04ukwm55up8) The new professor is young and hip – So the professors are getting younger but this one has to be the youngest ‘cool dude’ yet, with the added bonus of no shirt! He uses words I don’t understand and calls me cousin but one thing that doesn’t seem to have changed is that I swear the professor still has a thing for my mom (we all know about Professor Oak and Ash’s mom’s secret fling…).maxresdefault9) Can’t check the trash anymore! – Okay so one of the first things I did on this game was to check the trash can, something you have been able to do since Pokemon first began but now suddenly you can’t!? Like wtf?? It’s not as outrageous as when they changed the nurse’s line in the Pokemon centre but it was one of those details that has been around since the start! Okay in all honestly you rarely find anything in the trash in the later games so maybe that’s why they canned it (no pun intended) but yeah…just doesn’t feel right not being able to check the red trash cans…pokemon-refresh-compressor10) Pokemon care has become more important – Okay so in the more recent games (at least in X and Y), you were able to pet and treat your Pokemon which was important for increasing their friendiness towards you for certain Pokemon to evolve. It appears in this game that it is more important as not only do you feed them treats and pet them but you can also treat them medically and groom them.neon_0001_large11) Story time takes forever – I like being able to dive straight into a game, especially a game that I have played for YEARS and know enough in order to figure out the new details by myself, but it feels like the story mode or ‘tutorial’ takes forever in this game! Before it was just as simple as a text box but whilst the added details do make the game feel so much more, it also means things take longer because you’re having to watch mini movie bits and stuff…boring!!tumblr_lap9o8fjwq1qzkrfxo1_50012) It’s not in 3D?? – Really random but it still threw me that the last game was available in 3D but this new one isn’t? Considering it was created for the Nintendo 3DS it’s a little odd since that is what makes the 3DS different from the previous consoles. Perhaps they thought that the more advanced graphics and angles made 3D pointless?187323_original13) It takes longer to save – This isn’t anything massive but I noticed how much faster the game saved with X but it takes longer again on this one. Still, it’s faster than the pervious games!pokemon-sol-luna-avance-juegos-nintendo-3ds_214) Trainers are now visible in battle! – This seems like such a tiny detail but for ages we only ever saw the back of our Pokemon and the Pokemon they were battling with; in X there was finally a step-up with the Pokemon battle but still no trainers in the picture. They have finally added trainers into the battle screen, hurray! Again, it’s the small details that helps to make the game feel bigger and better!pokemon_sun__moon_115) No more credits at the beginning – The first few times I played this game I thought that it was taking forever to load but then I realised that there are no credits/titles/mini movies at the beginning of the game that usually shows before the start  screen. Nothing exciting but just something I noticed.

So that’s my first 15 thoughts on the new Pokemon game! Overall I’m really enjoying it, I’ll give it 4.5/5 as there seemed like a step back with some of the things they had right with X but not with this game. The game has a completely different feel to it compared to previous Pokemon games and I’m really enjoying running around islands and all the new little features they’ve added which not only makes the game more enjoyable but easier! Other than that it is just another Pokemon game, but it does have me wondering how on earth they are going to step it up for the next one!

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this review! Until next time~♥

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