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Far more than I expected – What I got for Christmas!

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! I’m really glad that January is a nearly over because next month gets a little more exciting! This blog post is WELL overdue but I figured that since it isn’t that long since Christmas ended that I could get away with it…

So today I’m going to be sharing with you my Christmas haul! I honestly didn’t expect to get anything much for Christmas besides some gifts from the boyfriend and my secret Santa, so I was very surprised and grateful for everything I got!p1180141First up is a perfume that Pixie got me; it’s a Kimmi Fragrance from the brand Koto Parfums I believe and IT’S SO CUTE. This is the Mimi addition and they are just so cute with the Japanese doll aesthetic! I really wanted a perfume having ran out of the one I was using and resorted to my favourite cheap perfume (So…? Kiss Me), so I was over the moon to receive a perfume! The smell is so nice, having many ‘undertones’ as perfumes do which are listed on the box and the fragrance is very important to me because it happens to be incredibly nostalgic! When I was a kid I got a box of Barbie bath bits and one of the items was a talcum powder that was pink with sparkles in and it smelled just like this perfume! Subtle and clean!p1180151Pixie also got me this Sailor Moon Vinyl figure! Although I’m not the biggest fan, I won’t deny that the merchandise for Sailor Moon is cute! I’m not a massive fan of the vinyl’s having only one currently being Scar from TLK but I guess she’s pretty cute. I don’t have any room to put her at the moment so she will have to sit and wait until such times as she does!p1180153R’s sister and brother-in-law bought me these adorable hand warmers for when I’m out with R off-roading or on walks! I’ve never actually owned a pair before so I’m really excited to try these out, ideal for the weather we are currently enduring here in the UK and hopefully they’ll be useful for my upcoming holiday too!p1180163So we all know I’m a Harry Potter fan and the boyfriend knows it too! I have a big love for Slytherin so he bought me this Slytherin mug to enjoy my strong, dark tea in haha. I already have a mug at his but not at his parent’s, so I think I’ll leave it there next time I’m there.p1180161I hated getting socks as a kid but now I’m an adult, all I hope for is some more socks! Especially the fluffy kind because I wear them to death and a lot of them really need to be thrown out. Continuing with the HP theme, my dad found me these cool Slytherin socks! They’ll be loved greatly for sure!p1180162R’s mum bought me some colouring pencils and a HP colouring book (obviously everyone knows me well) and I’m pretty pleased actually because colouring pencils are always useful, especially since I plan to pick up art again. Sadly though I already have the HP book (there are a number of different ones and I wasn’t sure which one I already had), so not too sure what to do with that one but still grateful all the same!p1180139So this was the biggest present and the only thing I knew that I was definitely getting as I asked for it for my secret Santa! I haven’t had my own Pokemon game for ages (since the first White and Black) and I’ve been a little bit out of it with the newer games until I started playing X just a few months before Christmas. I’m really enjoying it so far and you can read my review on it here!p1180144Boyfriend was really spoiling me this time, buying me expensive moisturiser lol. Last time he bought me ‘Gorgeous Cow’ but there wasn’t any in stock so he got the next best thing apparently – ‘Moody Cow’! Smells really nice like the kind of aromas you get in the spa and it is really moisturising, perfect for after a bath!1109_940ml_microwave_noodlebowl-redOkay so as sad as this might sound, this was actually one of my favourite gifts that I got! I like to have soup or those little Pasta ‘n’ Sauce sachets for lunch at work (I’m not a massive sandwich fan) but for some reason the work microwave likes to make my food explode everywhere, it’s a nightmare! After much complaining, my dad got me one of these babies and I love it (couldn’t take a photo as it is currently at work)! It works so well and it even has a handle! No more messy explosions in the microwave or having multiple things to clean up after it! These have become quite popular and you can get them in places like Asda and Tesco!p1180146Ah here we go! I actually got 2 sets of fluffy socks from my dad but I’ve already worn the other ones but I saved these ones specially to share. Gotta have fluffy socks at Christmas time!p1180158Thank you to the boyfriend again! Back when I got my new camera lens the guy kindly cleaned my lens and showed me a few bits that they used and sold to help keep your lens clean of dirt and smudges! He used the puffer and a glass cloth and R mentioned I should get one. He really surprised me by getting a decent little set with all kinds of bits and pieces that I have no idea how to use yet but at least the puffer has already come in handy for keeping my lenses clean of dust! He also bought me a spare battery for my camera as well as a spare memory card! This year I hope to do some vlogging and I’ll definitely need more memory and battery power!p1180157Everyone gets a diary or calendar for Christmas and dad bought me this pocket one so that I can be more organised, especially now that I am going to be booking more things this year so this will help me to keep track of when I’m busy!p1180160Can never go wrong with one of these babies especially with the films that are coming up! We don’t tend to go to the cinema too often unless we already follow something, so we’re going to use this voucher for when Gaurdians of the Galaxy 2 comes out!81frj14xg7l-_sl1500_Last but not least is probably my favourite thing out of my entire haul (and I’m using a stock photo because I totally forgot to take a photo of it)! Thank you to the boyfriend again!! I got proper spoilt by him this year!! For years and years I have wanted the SATC dvds because they rarely show the episodes on TV but I’ve never got round to getting any! Now I have the entire box set excluding the movies, so I can watch it to my leisure to keep me entertained!! Love it!!

So that’s everything! It’s absolutely perfect and everything I got I needed or I’ll use, no unnecessary presents this time woo haha (though I did get a copious amount of chocolate). That’s it for this blog post, I hope you got everything you wanted too! Until next time!~♥

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