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Mini photo post – A sprinkle of snow, cafe dates and covered in hessian.

Hello! The boring month of January is finally over! I didn’t do very much at all that month from lack of funds and plans; R returned back to work so life returned to being very quiet and boring with just work and occassionally seeing friends. February is a little more interesting so I’m keen to see how that pans out!img_4140img_4142img_4143At the beginning of January, R’s sister had a party to go to so whilst we waited to pick her up we decided to do some crafty activities! I bought this paint by numbers from Longleat to try and get me back into being arty, whilst R had this wooden Land Rover puzzle that he got for Christmas! It was quite nice to be doing something other than watching TV, movies or playing games!img_4145On the Bank Holiday monday we decided to go out to town but the place we decided to go to had no shops open at all! Defeated and hungry, we headed to a farm shop that has a cafe and specialises in selling locally grown food and produce! We were meant to have jacket potatoes but the cafe was all out, so we decided to have freshly made sandwiches with local ham and fresh bread with our pot of tea!img_4203The weather here in the UK has been very cold with hard frost on a daily basis; there was a mention of snow and this was it…a sprinkle…It was gone by the end of the day and we haven’t had any since in the area lol. Naturally though the whole country came to a halt with panic.p1180121p1180122img_4211One weekend I went and visited Pixie to spend some quality time together, do some shopping and see her new house! Hadn’t seen her since Boxing Day so it was really nice to have some time to catch up and grab something to eat!img_4216With it being so cold a bath is the perfect thing to thaw out the chill in your bones! I used the Sex Bomb bath bomb from LUSH and it made the bath all pretty and pink, and my skin lovely and soft!img_4219R came back on the 20th, so on Saturday we went to the local city to do a spot of shopping and grab food at Prezzo. It was really cold and the car was all iced up first thing in the morning! It chucked it down last night and has finally got warmer so hopefully no more slipping on ice whilst walking to work lol.img_4221Sooo…the boyfriend bought some homework back from work so I decided to help. Too much to explain but basically I was pulling threads apart and putting them in groups of 3, and the hessian (materials that sandbags are made of) was just going everywhere and I got covered in it! Not quite how I had planned to spend my Saturday evening for 3 hours but nevermind lol.

My January was rather quiet! I’m glad February is here and so is pay day!! I get to go shopping this weekend too which always cheers me up! How was your January? Until next time~♥

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