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Learning to drive and being a confident introvert.

Hello everyone, how’re you?? Is anyone out there still suffering from the New Year blues?? I am. Boo 😦 I realised yesterday that today I was supposed to be going on holiday before it got cancelled so I’m even more bummed out than normal; I have absolutely nothing planned this weekend and I think I might be coming down with a cold! It’s bitterly cold here in the UK as we are apparently getting icy winds from Russia which could bring snow! So apart from working and bumming around in my spare time, I haven’t actually be doing much…

Oh yeah I started driving lessons. I guess that’s pretty exciting! I had my first lesson on the 1st February and I was terrified haha! Me and the clutch didn’t get on very well so my instructor moved the car with the clutch whilst I focused on steering. I had my second lesson on Tuesday and actually got the car on the road, which was even more terrifying than the first lesson arggghhhhh!! I practiced pulling up to the kerb, moving away, overtaking stationery vehicles, indicating at junctions, going round bends and I even went over (around not actually over) a roundabout!!! I accomplished so much more than I thought I could AND I did it all by myself whilst multi-tasking the clutch! I’m excited for my next lesson and I’m going to sit down and do some theory revision this weekend and look into booking my theory test! I’ve also booked some block lessons at the beginning of March, I’m really hoping to get on with this and pass my test soon which will open up a whole new world of independence and exciting opportunities for me!

On another, completely random note I was watching a video by Noodlerella (you can watch here) and learned a little more about introverts and extroverts which is something that actually gets mentioned a lot by YouTubers believe it or not. I think I’m a confident introvert as I like to spend time in my own company alone and sometimes dread social situations because it means having to be around people for long periods of time haha, however I’m fine when I’m around people and despite my anxiety and low self-esteem, I’m actually quite lively, talking A LOT and cracking jokes constantly. Funny how something completely random as a video on YouTube can you lead you to learn more about yourself!

Anyway that’s all I have for this post because literally nothing has been going on but I thought I’d keep this space updated or else hearing from me would be few and far between! Until next time~♥

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