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A kawaii surprise! – Kawaii Box review and Giveaway!~♥

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! Sorry that I’ve been a little MIA lately but not much has been going on! Thankfully the wonderful people at Kawaii Box have saved the day by being kind enough to send me the January edition Kawaii Box to unbox and share with you all! It’s like my birthday all over again but 10x cuter!!!~♥

About Kawaii Box:kawaii-boxkawaii-box-2Kawaii Box is a monthly subscription service that sends you a box of 10-12 adorable hand-picked items every month from either Japan or Korea; these will vary from cute stationery, sweets, accessories and plushies! There are different payment plans depending on how long you’re looking to subscribe for and will make an exciting gift for anyone who loves the kawaii culture!

I also am excited to announce that this is the first ever giveaway I am sharing on my blog, so stay tuned until the end of the post to find out how you can get your hands on a box of your own!!! Without further ado, lets take a look at my box!p1180166p1180169p1180167So here’s what the box looks like! It’s got this adorable design printed on it (which unfortunately about 3 of my colleagues thought it looked like a ‘naughty’ box I had ordered – pfft they just don’t understand ¬_¬) and it even has ‘Kawaii Box’ printed on the tissue paper which I thought was a nice touch! It was a little bashed but nothing was damaged, sadly I got this box a little late as we are already approaching the end of February but there was some confusion in the postal process after they had sent it to me but nevermind I was still super excited to get it nonetheless! Now let’s take a look at what I got!!p1180170p1180171This is how it looked upon opening! Everything was neatly packed in together smartly to make use of the space without looking crammed and there was even a little Valentine’s note which I thought was another cute touch (and also the only Valentine’s card I got this year T_T). I was squeeing inside straight away as my eyes landed on the obvious plush in the box which are my greatest downfall!!p1180173p1180175The first item I pulled out was this cute Pocky stick which happens to be a pen! I thought this was so cute and I really liked the ‘strawberry sauce’ and star design.p1180176Next is this cute Harajuku badge which tbh I think could’ve been printed better because it looks a bit pixelated but still pretty cute and I have a soft spot for kawaii badges so into the collection it goes!p1180177This adorable crocodile bow hairclip caught my eye especially and it is really well made, not cheap and glued on. I actually have been using this to keep my fringe, that I’m currently growing, out of my eyes!p1180178p1180179I was really confused as to what this was when I first pulled it out and there was very little info on the packaging (the box does actually come with a list of what everything is but I like to take a guess haha); at first I thought it looked like a door knocker and then thought it could be something to hold keyrings but the adhesive back threw me off. ALL WRONG! It’s actually a phone stand! You just stick this to the back of your phone and it helps your phone to stand at an angle so you don’t have to hold it! Quite cool but I’ll probably use it to prop something else up as I don’t really like the idea of sticking something to the back of my phone.p1180181Next is a Korean meal eraser set! These sets are actually widely available in the UK now and I do actually have a ton from when my friend gave me a whole box of Japanese bits a couple years back; I might give these to someone as a gift but if you’re after cute stationery for your pencil case, these are definitely the way to go!!p1180183Another item that took me a little while to figure out what it was – a mirror! It’s from the brand Ghost Pop which I’ve not heard of and can’t find much on, and tbh I’m not a great fan of the design I got but maybe that’s because I don’t get the joke…Cream Cheese? Can someone please explain it to me!! =_=p1180185p1180186I was quite excited by this item because I knew from the get go that it was a piece of candy and you guys know by now I’m quite a fan of trying foreign candy! So it’s a lollipop shaped like Mickey Mouse’s head! I’m not a fan of hard candy at the best of times but decided to give it a go because the flavour might’ve been good but no, it wasn’t. I thought I had cola but it tasted nothing like cola and according to the Kawaii Box website there is a ‘mystery’ flavour; to me it tasted like they attempted to put chocolate flavouring into hard candy but I’ll never know because I can’t read the packaging!p1180187However you can never go wrong with THESE SWEETS! I love DIY kits!! These look mega cute, I can’t wait to try them! I also have some others to do from my HJ haul so look out for a post on these soon!p1180188Next up is some adorable stickers which I always have room for! I got some gem stone stickers and some felt heart stickers, so cute! I’m sure these will be used greatly in my scrapbook at some point!p1180189Last but not least is the item I was saving, best for last you know? It’s this super cute Furyu Nemuneko plush!! Ahhhhh! It’s so cute!! Mine is white with little grey ears and has been taken in by my big Marie Tsum Tsum plush, another one for my ever-growing collection!

So that’s it for my unboxing, I thoroughly enjoyed receiving it and I think it would be a fantastic gift for someone or just the perfect way to get your kawaii fix each month!! If you’re interested in applying for your own subscription then head over to the Kawaii Box website here!

GIVEAWAY – So Kawaii Box have also kindly set up a giveaway for me to share with my beloved readers, aren’t you lucky?? If you want the chance to win your very own box of adorableness then click the link and give it a go! What have you got to lose?? Kawaii Box Giveaway!

That’s it for this post I hope you enjoyed it! If you win please let me know, I’d love to know who the lucky person is! Thanks again to Kawaii Box for this wonderful opportunity! GOOD LUCK to you all and until next time, stay kawaii!~♥

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