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Review Time – John Wick: Chapter 2

No fancy title because I just can’t begin on how utterly fantastic this film is. I’m not normally one for action films, as you guys know I much prefer my fantasy and romance but this film had me so engrossed it’s possible to say that it is my favourite action film so far.john-wick-2-posterjpg-fe1944_1280wFor you John Wick noobs out there, basically this guy is like the badass of all badasses; a hitman forced out of retirement after he is the victim of a home attack resulting in the loss of his vintage car and death of his puppy. This time he’s back to fulfil a debt he is due to pay but to a great loss of his freedom, such is the life of a hitman who must keep to the rules of the criminal underworld.john-wickThat’s pretty much all you need to know tbh, just sit back and watch the awesomeness unfold with non-stop kickass moments! I was sceptical about watching the first John Wick but everyone kept saying it was really good and despite not being an action film fan I do have a soft spot for Keanu Reeves so I gave it a go. I enjoyed it so much that when my dad said he was off to watch it I invited myself along haha. For the first time ever I reacted so much, covering my eyes, mouth gaping, flinching, the lot lol. There were many squeamish moments but I couldn’t really tear my eyes away.

I’m actually a bit of a pacifist, not that I find it completely unjustifiable just that I really dislike and believe a lot of the time that violence is unnecessary, but I can’t help but enjoy the thrill of fictional fights and gun action. This satisfies everything and the fight scenes are so well choreographed that you can’t help but appreciate them as an art form in itself, almost like a dance, especially since a fair bit of martial arts is used.first-john-wick-2-posterThere isn’t much else to say other than if you love action films then you’ll love this! 5/5 from me and I’d love to watch it again! Not often you catch me saying that for an action film so you can be sure that this is a reliable review!

Just a short post but I had to rave about this film! Thanks for reading, until next time!

2 thoughts on “Review Time – John Wick: Chapter 2

    1. Wasn’t there just!! I couldn’t tear my eyes away but couldn’t look at the same time lol it was so good I might go see it again haha!

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