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Japanese DIY Candy Tutorial – Kracie’s Nerunerunerune dipping candy!

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! Since life has been rather quiet and I have very little worth talking about, I decided that it was time to pull out a DIY Candy kit to share with you guys! I actually find these rather fun to do and was thinking of doing more posts on foreign sweets and snacks and reviewing them!

Today I’m introducing the Kracie Nerunerunerune DIY candy, perfect for beginners who haven’t experienced DIY candy before, especially children who may be too impatient to go through the motions of making a whole kit! Let’s begin!p1180194p1180200p1180196p1180198p1180199So this is what the kit looks like all laid out, a little more than what I was expecting considering how simple the kit is but more fun for me!p1180201p1180202p1180203p1180206I didn’t even need to follow an online tutorial for this one; simply take the blue number 1 sachet and pour it into the bowl then using the little cut-off corner piece, fill it with water to the line, pour in with the powder and mix!p1180207p1180208p1180209The next step is to take yellow sachet number 2 and add that to the yellow mixture. Mix it in well and it turns into this foam-type consistency! I can only describe it as having a similar texture to that Marshmallow Fluff stuff.p1180210p1180211Finally pour the candy pieces from sachet number 3 into the other section! These are the same sort of texture as Purple Violets and are soda flavoured!p1180214All that’s left to do is to sprinkle your desired amount of hard candy onto the soft candy and eat! Simple!

The Verdict:

Time for the taste test! Tbh it didn’t taste all that much of anything, it had a slight soda flavour in the soft candy as well as the hard candy and I actually preferred eating the soft candy on its own as I wasn’t really a massive fan of the hard candy. The texture is unique, again the closest I can compare it to is the Marshmallow Fluff stuff that’s light, soft and slightly foamy in your mouth. I also noticed some slight fizzing sensation whilst eating!

Well that’s it for this post, just something to fill the gap as I haven’t been very active lately! Hopefully I have some more exciting things coming up but for now it is just work, driving lessons and quiet evenings listening to the birdies stay up late! Well at least that’s what I’m doing right now, such is the life of an adult! Until next time~♥

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