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What have I been doing with my days? – The Kawaii Box winner and experiencing proper Thai food!

HELLO EVERYONE! Where on earth have I been? This time last year I had far more time on my hands to schedule pre-written blog posts so that the blog was updated in my absence and although I do have content to post, I have just been so busy with life, working and learning to drive! R has finally returned from work so whilst he watches some boring F1 stuff, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to be productive and share the rather unexciting but most exciting snippets of my life over the past few weeks.

First of all I would like to say a big congratulations to Zeba on being the winner of the Kawaii Box giveaway! *Applaud* ☆*:.。.o(≧▽≦)o.。.:*☆ Kawaii Box have your delivery details and your prize will be on its way to you soon!~♥

Anyway, back to my boring life lol.IMG_4239R broke his mug!!! OUTRAGEOUS. Up until that point we both had matching mugs that were exactly the same as those pictured above except his was black and mine was pink. Since he no longer had one and I was bored of my pink one looking skanky (also because I saw these in the same shop I got the other ones), I asked dad to pick us up some new ones in mint and lilac! Matching mugs again!IMG_4273Just a random cute photo of Wally looking cute and cuddling his teddy bear~♥ I love him so much, he’s such a good boy lol.IMG_4281PANCAKE DAY! Actually this was the week before Pancake Day because I got the date wrong…I asked for pancakes on the Monday because dad was going to work early and I had a driving lesson on the Tuesday (its officially called Shrove Tuesday), so we did! I made crispy bacon and had it with golden syrup because I didn’t have any maple syrup but it was still mega yummy!! If you haven’t had it then you MUST try it!!! You’ll kick yourself for not trying it sooner!!IMG_4287IMG_4293Just some cute pictures of Japanese things that I posted on my IG! I recently lost my favourite Deco app and I can’t find it anymore!! I can’t find it to redownload so I’ve been using the Line Camera app to decorate my pics.IMG_4301Sleepy selfie! I took a few days off work so that I could do some block driving lessons and the boyfriend had to get up super early so I wanted to make him jealous haha.IMG_4309IMG_4310IMG_4311That week went really fast for me, 2 days at work and a meal out with the company I work for on the Friday! They treat me mega well and I’m so happy and lucky to be working for them! I really enjoy my job and it’s not often you hear people say that! We went to a Thai restaurant and given my recent experience with Thai food I was a little sceptical but this place was SO good!! I chose Chicken Satay as my starter which is really nice tender chicken in a slightly spiced marinade and then a Garlic Chicken and Pepper dish with egg fried rice for the main! It was all SO YUMMY. Perfect egg fried rice, tender chicken, even the peppers were nice and I don’t even like them all that much! Plus there was the added bonus of BABY CORN. YUM!IMG_4314When the boyfriend returned home we spent our first Saturday together just pottering around town to pick up some bits and went to Costa for lunch (ofc). This time I tried the Mozzarella cheese, pesto and tomato panini and it was really yummy, my new fave! I was trying to eat a little healthier so I had a Naked Green Machine smoothie too.IMG_4315Whilst out I treated myself to THIS. With R being home and bringing the PS4 back (which also happens to be half mine), I decided to take advantage of this and buy myself something that I have been waiting YEARS FOR. That’s right. I have been obsessed with the Team Ico games since first playing Ico, and completed Nico (Shadow of the Colossus) a couple of years ago. The Last Guardian (aka Trico) has been in development since 2007 and waiting for release since 2011! It was finally released last December and it was only a matter of time before I got my hands on it! I’m hoping to play a little more of it today and I will definitely be blogging a review of it soon!IMG_4318Saw this picture the other day and decided that it is SO me. Okay so it is probably most girls but with the added pastel cuteness, definitely me.IMG_4319So the reason why I am not working right now is because I had to book some annual leave before I lost it, so I’ve got the next 5 and a half days off. Yesterday R really fancied a Weatherspoons breakfast so I trudged along and ordered myself pancakes and bacon for £2.95!! It wasn’t the best but can’t grumble too much at that price.IMG_4320Just a random photo of the necklace I’m currently sporting; my best friend bought me this Lion King necklace which is really nice so decided to take a photo to prove that I do indeed wear necklaces sometimes haha.IMG_4322IMG_4323IMG_4324The weather here in the UK has been pretty poor, having had a brief spell of warm, sunny weather, we ended up with winds from the American snow storm and lots of rainy spells. However yesterday afternoon the sun popped out and R’s mum suggested that we take Wally for a walk for her, so we got on our wellies and headed out to the lands that R used to farm on! My wellies got well and truly christened (almost to the point that I got stuck ankle deep in mud), if you ever think about getting new wellies then definitely go for Hunter ones! We saw all the new little lambs and even spotted deer tracks!

Today we are just being a bit lazy and chilling out not doing much as I think we are going out to a National Trust area tomorrow because the weather is supposed to be really nice. I’ve got my camera ready because the area is supposed to be really beautiful! Anyway that’s literally it from me but hopefully now R is back on a more normal schedule we can start planning more exciting things!

Thank you for reading, until next time!~♥

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