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Spring is finally here! – Visiting Stourhead and my new hair! (Photo heavy)

Hello everyone, hope you’re good! The weather has been really kind to us here in the UK (at least in the South-West), the sun is shining, the clocks have gone forward into summer time, so it’s official that spring is here! I really ought to be outside but I don’t have much to do other than my washing. Unfortunately R has gone back home now so I’m feeling pretty sorry for myself, hopefully he’ll be back next weekend for a week and we can do more exciting things! Until then I’m going to share what I’ve been up to for the past week!IMG_4326IMG_4328So after I had uploaded the last blog post we were both itching to get out; we don’t do very good with staying in and lounging lol. We decided to go to Wagamama’s as we hadn’t been in a long while and it was dead quiet during the day; we both chose Chicken Katsu curry and it was super yum.P1180219P1180220P1180221P1180222The next day we visited Stourhead! It was a little drive away but having been up early so that R could get new tyres fitted on his wheels, we made it in good time before it got really busy. We went straight to the cafe for brunch and both chose steak pasties, with a slice of chocolate cake for him and victoria sponge for me; I also enjoyed this yummy local country sparkling juice whilst R had a standard pot of tea!P1180223P1180225P1180226With a filled belly we were ready to view the sights that awaited us! The food was a little expensive but it is a National Trust site and we had managed to get in free of charge because we were using R’s parent’s membership cards and parking sticker, so I didn’t mind spending a little more than usual on lunch. The weather was super nice, the perfect day to go out and surround ourselves with the beauty of nature.

So for those of you who know nothing about Stourhead, it is a National Trust site located in Wiltshire and is home to a large Palladian villa and gorgeous grounds. It was home to the Hoare family for generations, has been updated, extended, neglected, rebuilt, faced a fire and been rebuilt again. It has a lot of history that is evident in the rooms it holds.

The grounds is home to a large, clean lake surrounded by breathtaking scenery of wooded walks, temples and bridges with the personal touch of the 50 ‘gentleman gardeners’ that tended it.P1180227P1180228P1180230P1180231P1180233P1180234As you exit the ticket reception and follow the path towards the house you approach this walled garden with vegetable patches, flowers and the stable area where the horses would’ve been kept. You get a map to keep so that you can follow the path around the grounds to see all of the checkpoints, so the first thing on our list was to head to the house!P1180235P1180237P1180239P1180240P1180241P1180242P1180243P1180244P1180245P1180246P1180247P1180248P1180249P1180250P1180251P1180252P1180255P1180256P1180263P1180264P1180265P1180266P1180268P1180270P1180271P1180273P1180275The house walk didn’t take that long because it was only one floor that we were allowed to explore; I believe that someone does actually live there still as there is a TV in one of the rooms but it has been handed over to the National Trust for visitors to help maintain the house and land surrounding it. I’m not actually massively fussed about viewing old manors and such, my heart lies in the grounds.P1180277P1180278P1180279P1180280P1180281P1180282P1180284P1180285P1180287P1180288The grounds were really pretty! The gardeners had planted lots of wild flowers, there were daffodils everywhere! They had also planted all kinds of trees and the entire walk was very quiet and relaxing despite it being incredibly busy there.P1180289P1180290P1180291P1180292P1180293P1180295P1180297P1180298P1180309P1180303The lake was my favourite bit, it was so beautiful and clear. We parked our bottoms on the bank and chilled out in the warm sun; the whole area was covered in daffodils and it felt more like summer! Lush!P1180310P1180312P1180315P1180318P1180320P1180321P1180323Something I love most about the British countryside is that you don’t always feel like you’re in the same place. You can step outside and feel yourself being in a different world; I couldn’t imagine living in a city away from all of this!P1180325P1180324P1180329P1180332P1180333P1180334P1180335As you wander around the lake there are little buildings and temples that you can walk through which are perfect rest areas and an extra dose of history for those interested!IMG_4340I didn’t take any more photos that day as we just looked around the shop at the end but I did find these adorable bunny rabbit plushes in the shop that were super soft but look realistic too; I have a soft spot for realistic animal plushes so took a photo of the tag to remember the brand. If you ever want to get someone a super cuddly, realistic stuffed animal then give this brand a try!IMG_4345We didn’t do an awful lot on the Sunday tbh as it was Mother’s Day so I’m pretty sure we stayed in and watched the first F1 race of the season (much to my dismay =_=). Suddenly R got a text from his Landy friend to say he had broken down in the next town so we picked him up a McDonalds en route and towed him to the local activity centre where they spent 2+ hours trying to fix the problem whilst I sat monging out in the front seat, thankfully I had R’s wi-fi so I could watch YT videos to keep myself occupied.IMG_4346IMG_4353I still had a couple of days off so on the Monday we got up early to pop into my workplace so that R could use the printer and I actually decided to make an effort with myself! Haven’t taken a proper selfie in ages so I decided to have fun with the snow app and its cute filters! Gotta love my Pikachu top! We wandered around town and then returned to R’s mum’s chicken creating rather loudly so I went out to see what she was fussing about and turns out she had laid an egg! She’s a little old lady now and also the last chicken with the other one passing not too long ago, so everyone was rather surprised that she was happy enough to lay and annouce it to the world!IMG_4356IMG_4357IMG_4358Tuesday was an incredibly girly day for me and overdue I thought considering I had spent the majority of the weekend watching the F1, fixing Land Rovers and watching The Grand Tour! In the morning we had a bubble bath using one of the bubble bars I had called Sunnyside from LUSH (I actually thought it was a bomb but nevermind). I’m not a massive bubble bar fan tbh but I’m assuming I was pursuaded into buying it as it turned the water a shimmering gold.IMG_4361IMG_4338IMG_4339Next up was for me to FINALLY get a hair cut. The last time I had my hair cut was probably this time last year in the style that can be seen in the photo in my sidebar >>> and as you can see from the photos above, my hair had majorly outgrown any style. It had got long and heavy and the fringe was so grown out but still too short that it was hanging in my face so I had to clip it out of the way all the time. I really wanted to try and grow it out but I just couldn’t stand it anymore.IMG_4364IMG_4365I searched for some inspiration and settled on the recent Korean trend of ‘see-through bangs’. I really wanted a fringe again but not the thick, blunt fringe that I had previously as it is getting warm now; I also wanted some layers to create the wavy texture seen in the pictures above. The lady I had was really nice and listened to everything I had to say! She gave me lots of layers in my hair to create volume and the fringe is the perfect thickness that it adds that something extra without completely hiding my forehead. My hair feels so soft, healthy and light now!IMG_4369After my hair cut, R treated me to Nandos (he was just mega hungry and wanted fast food lol) and then we went to the cinema to watch…Beauty and the Beast!!! I was a bit sceptical and don’t tend to watch these kind of movies but everyone was seeing it and kept saying it was amazing, so I convinced R to suck it up and come watch it with me! I’m definitely going to be doing a review on it soon so watch out for that!

For the rest of the week we were both working so we didn’t really do anything. Sadly it went really quick and before I knew it R had dropped me off for the final time and made his way back to work :(.IMG_4371IMG_4372I couldn’t mope for too long though as I had planned to go out for dinner with a couple of girl friends. Another chance for me to dress up and be eccentric, so of course I couldn’t resist a couple of selfies using the snow app again! I really like the mascara that I have been using recently so I think I’ll do a review on that too!P1180340P1180362Here’s my #ootd which I haven’t done for AGES. I wore my pastel pink Lame sweater with some black crochet shorts, black bunny tattoo tights and black knee-high block heel boots. I also wore my signature black cat and silver stud earring paring with a 90s wire choker. I never get to wear this sweater it is much more suiting with a pair of shorts than anything else so I’m glad I got these shorts so I can finally wear it! To balance out all the pink I also wore my large black bomber jacket!

Anyway that’s it for this post, thought you might enjoy seeing what Stourhead is like! I really enjoyed it! Hopefully I’ll get to go away within the next 2 weeks somewhere so I’ll have some more exciting travel posts up soon! Thanks for reading, until next time!~♥

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