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Review Time – My first thoughts on The Last Guardian!~♥

the-last-guardian-listing-thumb-01-ps4-us-13jun16Hello everyone! Today I’m doing a review for a game that I have waited YEARS for, I was um’ing and ah’ing about whether or not to buy it because it’s on the PS4 and I don’t own one but the bf does (actually I own half of it but never play it). After watching some trailers I decided that I had to have it and since I recently had some time off work, what better than to spend some of my spare hours playing it whilst both the bf and the PS4 was down my end of the country!

First of all a little background info and to fill you guys in on why this game is important to me. So it was created by Team Ico who first released ICO for Playstation 2 in 2001 which is a puzzle/action game with minimal dialogue and music, and artistic features and settings; I absolutely loved this game, I found it very beautiful and somewhat relaxing with a great sense of achievement being felt despite the lack of high-energy adrenaline that most action games give. Next was NICO aka Shadow of the Colossus which was released on Playstation 2 in 2005 and was developed very similarly to ICO with the artistic gameplay and minimal dialogue. This was more adventurous but still maintained the zen-style feeling like ICO had along with the puzzle element; I really like that these games ensure that you’re not lonely by adding a travel companion. ICO had Yorda and NICO had the trusty steed Argo, and it was going to be the same with TRICO aka The Last Guardian.

The only problem was that The Last Guardian was scheduled to be released in 2011 on the Playstation 3 but was pushed back many times eventually with it being settled on release in 2012 on the Playstation 4 leaving fans wondering if it was ever going to be released. In 2015 it was announced that The Last Guardian would be released on PS4 in 2016, and so in December it finally entered our stores.thumb-1920-338347So without further ado here are my first initial thoughts! I was really keen to get started and I knew straight from the off that I would be pleased with it! Please bear in mind that this post may contain spoilers!The-Last-Guardian-4K-WallpaperIt goes without saying that the graphics are amazing! I always thought that the graphics in ICO was amazing for its time and it’s nice to see that everything has drastically improved whilst still keeping the same feel as the first game from the series. I did always find the ‘bloom lighting’ to be a bit too much and over-exposed but it wouldn’t feel the same if they didn’t have it as it does give the setting this ‘magical’ and ‘free’ feel, especially when you eventually reach areas outside after spending so much time in the dank, dark temples that frequently appear in these games.The-Last-Guardian-1080-Wallpaper-3The basic story to this game is that this boy is kidnapped and finds himself in the presence of a giant creature that resembles a cat-like creature similar to that of a gryphon; it goes by the name of Trico and is injured and chained up. With the aid of the boy, Trico is released and together the pair must escape from the castle and those that guard it.1566273-952634_20100915_002I’ve not played much of it but so far I’m enjoying it and not really sure where it’s going to go. You rely on the beast quite a bit and because it’s a free-exploring game (you can pretty much run/climb about anywhere you like), it can be a little confusing as to where to go next so I have had to confirm a few things via a walkthrough but one tip I can give is to keep an eye on the beast because he gives hints as to where to go/what to do next, especially where he is heavily involved.2886526-tlg_e315_04Eventually you can command the beast to do certain things but to begin with be prepared to do a lot of calling to the beast to get him to come to you, in particular where you reach certain areas that he can jump up to and you had no idea and therefore weren’t riding him so that he could take you to the next level also and you have to call him to jump back down to you so that you can try again =_=.The-Last-Guardian-1080-Wallpaper-1I do find him quite sweet and funny though, and I feel safe with him around. There will be situations where you need to hide behind him and use his strength or powers to defeat enemies.TLG-4You get to pet him too to calm him down or just show him some affection and I really like that because it’s like you get to build a relationship with him and create an emotional connection with him, much like Argo in NICO.maxresdefaultSo that’s as much as I’m prepared to give away for now although there isn’t really much I can spoil because I haven’t played enough of it myself! I am really enjoying it though and I have developed a soft spot for Trico but I won’t lie, I’ve got a feeling that something is going to happen that I’m not going to like as these games do tend to end unconcluded.

One of the only things that I wasn’t entirely happy with was the lack of save points – oh wait, there was none. Unlike ICO which has the stone bench or NICO which has the shrines, this game has nothing. I was really confused because when you pause the game there are only the options to start from the check point or go back to the title screen. After searching online I discovered that the game automatically saves whenever you enter a new area which happens quite frequently so you don’t have to worry too much about quiting and losing progress (or dying because you can actually fall off of the edge).

Anyway that’s the end of this blog post! Whilst I’m excited I’m also a little sad because this is the last of the series and they have a really big place in my heart. It’s going to be like an end of an era for me. If you haven’t played any of these games then I highly recommend them especially if you love puzzle games and beautiful animation! I hope you enjoyed this post, until next time!~♥

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