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Review Time – Getting geeky with Gametee!~♥

Hello everyone, I’m back with another review so soon and this one I’m pretty excited about! So recently I have been seeing this brand pop up a lot and being mentioned by some of the UK’s geek/gamer/kawaii YouTubers and have wanted to try out some of their things for quite some time. I decided that this was the month so shortly after pay day I put my order in and received my items a few days later!gameteelogoSo a little background info on this brand and how I came to discover them! First of all they are an independant, all-female British store founded by two sisters with a passion for games specialising in selling ‘luxury videogame merchandise’. Their products are guaranteed sweat-shop free and hand-finished here in Great Britain.

I first came across Gametee back in 2015 when I went to MCM Comicon with my brother, they had a tiny little stall and I remember being really impressed with the quality and artwork of their products; my brother ended up purchasing a jacket from them! I particularly was impressed by their Pikachu t-shirt which I may purchase one day but this time round I was focusing my attention on their candles! I have a lot of Yankee Candle tarts but they are all put away in my ‘bottom drawer’ so I decided to treat myself to some of their candles to burn during the rest of the time that I’m living at home.P1180368So upon opening the box I found this card and letter with my items; I’m not entirely sure what the card is for, perhaps something of their own that you can collect? The letter basically just tells you about the company and what they are aspiring to achieve, thanking you for your order.P1180369P1180371My purchases were in a bubble wrap bag and individually wrapped and stickered as above with the brand’s own sticker which I thought was a cute touch as it prevented damage to the items.P1180372P1180373Look at all of the flavours!! The packaging is SO COOL! So unique and geeky but very neat at the same time! I love the style but I can’t put my finger on what it reminds me of, all I can say is that if you’re looking for subtle-geek then look no further!

I chose five flavours overall, four of which are the newer style and one is a traditional flavour. Can you believe that these candles were just £4.99 each? Except the traditional flavour which was £5.99 and I believe is slightly bigger. Also these candles are vegan, being 100% vegetable soy wax and hand-poured!P1180379The first one I checked out is called ‘Hyrulian Forest’ – “Into the whispering wood“. I really thought this name was from a game like Pokemon or something but I can’t find anything on it? The candle colour is a pale forest green and the fragrance is described on the website as: Notes of crushed leaves, fresh mint and refreshing eucalpytus.

I was really sceptical about this fragrance because usually forest-scented candles tend to smell like toilet duck (a toilet cleaning product here in the UK) and that’s something no one should want burning in their living room, it’s beyond me how people buy them. This one wasn’t far from what I expected which was a disappointment to me so I expect I won’t be burning this one and giving it as a gift; someone else might say different but the first whiff I get is of toilet duck and the second is of a generic aftershave.P1180378Next up is ‘White Wolf’ – The candle colour is white and the fragrance is described on the website as: Rich, mellow incense with a heartnote of amber resin, finished with wild lilac wood.

This fragrance is mellow yet strong because it will fill the room just upon opening the tin but this is the only candle I have burned so far and thankfully it doesn’t get any stronger which can be really sickly. It has a sweet, woody smell, almost musky which I thought I wouldn’t like but it works surprisingly well and goes nicely with the description of “A timeless, sacred scent of stone temples and secret forests.P1180377The next flavour is ‘Sea Salt Ice Cream’ – “Twilight’s very finest“. The candle colour is a blue that matches the tin and the fragrance is described on the website as: Notes of pure rock salt, refreshing cucumber, sweet petals and ice-cream.

Sea salt ice-cream is a popular flavour in Japan from where it originates and often pops up in Anime and games (popular in Kingdom of Hearts) as a popsicle in the same shade of blue. Having recently discovered my love for salted caramel, I thought this flavour might be to my liking but I was pleasantly surprised by what it actually smelled like! It’s a very refreshing scent and you can definitely smell the hints of salt and petals, kind of reminds me of the fragrance from my favourite steam room (Japanese Salt) at my local spa so of course I find it also very relaxing, though I did expect it to smell creamier but I’m guessing this is more of an ice ‘ice-cream’ rather than the kind that is made with milk!P1180374Next is my most anticipated fragrance, ‘Soulstorm Brew’ – “Made from bones ‘n’ tears”. The candle colour is like a green soda and the fragrance is described on the website as: A delicious scent of sun-ripened summer fruit and sweet, fizzy wine – and the tiniest hint of tears.

If you have followed me for a while then you’ll know that the Playstation Oddworld games are incredibly nostalgic for me having played them when I was young – scary but fascinating! This candle instantly caught my attention as it is official Oddworld merchandise but useful to me as well! Unfortunately it doesn’t smell anything like I imagined! I thought it would smell something like sherbert or at least somewhat sour for the ‘fizziness’ of the brew but instead it is a rather still fragrance with a prominent scent of mixed fruit.P1180380Last but not least is the traditional fragrance ‘Green Tea’. The candle colour is a very pale green and the fragrance is described on the website as: Evocative fragrances of Jade Dew Gyokuro – a fine Green Tea grown under shade, imbuing the leaves with aroma and sweetness.

I think this has to be my favourite fragrance out of all of them because it is very subtle and I love the smell of tea leaves (must be a Brit thing as we love our tea). It’s a relaxing and warm scent, perfect for anyone looking for a light fragrance that isn’t overpowering.

So that’s it for the candles! I really like these candles because apart from the fact that the fragrances are not artificial and overwhelming like some candles (Yankee have many) but they are cheap, vegan with clean burning wax and the small tins have up to 20 hours burning time with the slightly larger tins having up to 25 hours.

Unfortunately my White Wolf wick wasn’t central so I have developed the terrible doughnut effect in my wax! Apparently to prevent creating a dip in the wax you need to burn your candle for up to 4 hours at a time so that the entire top layer is melted therefore solidifying evenly. Unfortunately I couldn’t burn it that long and it didn’t help with the wick being off-centre however I guess that’s the potential problem with handmade candles.

If you are looking for a geeky gift or a vegan candle then please do check them out! Their apparel is very good quality also and they do hold some authentic merchandise! I will definitely be getting my hands on some more of their candles after I’ve burned through some of these ones, sadly the ones I’ve got my eye on are always out of stock so grab them fast! Until next time~♥


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