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Review Time – My new favourite Anime film!

Hello everyone, hope you’re good! I’ve got lots to talk about but today I’m going to share my new favourite Anime film with you because it’s on again today and I think it’s a sign lol. So one quiet weekend day I was browsing through the channels on the tv for some background noise (usually Friends but it wasn’t on) and I came across this Anime film that I had heard of and had been meaning to watch; I watched about 1 minute before I was hooked and put everything else down to watch the entire thing and now it’s my favourite Anime film – move over ‘The Girl Who Leapt Through Time’!

I absolutely love these kind of films, I realised watching this film that I much prefer the Anime films like Studio Ghibli more than series with the crazy-eyed, rainbow-haired Anime characters. These are more realistic to a degree and super relaxing to watch! So without further ado, introducing ‘Wolf Children’:maxresdefault9101_5churchkppThe story is about a college student named Hana who one day notices someone in her class who she’s never seen before. When she attempts to give him an attendance slip, she learns that he is not a student but someone who has snuck in to learn; she offers to share her textbook with him the next time he feels like coming in and they soon strike up a friendship.wolf children c998ee4999456cb83fa0601d2288d052It isn’t long before the two are considered dating and fall in love. She discovers that he doesn’t really have a place or home to go to and so invites him to live with her but he is reluctant and decides to share his darkest secret with her – he is half wolf. She accepts him completely and shortly after she falls pregnant with their first child, Yuki. A year later she gives birth to their son, Ame. Unsure of whether or not the children would be born looking wolfish or behaving like wolves, the pair decide to give birth at home and keep themselves seperate from society. wolf-children-early-parenthoodLife is pleasant until ‘Wolf Man’ (he is un-named) passes away in unconfirmed circumstances and Hana is left to raise the children on her own.170dd75b7e2c534bc6f4ef0825ff461a2d93dbc9_hq9802917_origIt isn’t long before Hana is faced with the troubles of raising wolf children with the ability to turn from human to wolf at whim; with Yuki as a loud, toothy spitfire and Ame as a constantly crying, shy baby, Hana realises she has no choice but to leave her tiny apartment in the city and attempt to make a life for her and her family out in the countryside away from prying eyes.Wolf-Children-2She’s shown a huge, old house that needs a lot of work doing and after being informed that it’s miles away from everyone else, she jumps at the chance to have it.MOMO3782-sTurns out the house is a real house in Japan! The house from the movie was modelled exactly as this house as well as some of the surrounding areas. Apparently the landlord will greet you and ask for you to pinpoint on one of the maps where you’re from. It’s free and apparently open all year round!d26f225e69d64cf0f65efdc1d607e18b.jpgoriginalwolf-children-ame-and-yuki-anime-hana-and-the-kidswolfchildren_154From here on out the story follows Hana’s struggles with raising two rapidly growing and different wolf children, attempting to fit into the new lifestyle whilst trying to maintain a self-sufficient life. School, friends and self-discovery is all part of the journey for Yuki and Ame, with the biggest decision of their life looming over them – human or wolf? Which path will they choose?

So that’s all I’m gunna say on this film really but I absolutely love it! It’s realistic but with a touch of fantasy that could be interpreted differently. It’s a sweet, family film that everyone will enjoy and it’s such a light, easy watch that is perfect if you don’t fancy anything too intense! I hope you enjoyed this simple review but basically I loved it all and don’t have a bad word to say about it other than the unconfirmed death of Yuki and Ame’s father, still I just put that down to hunting gone wrong because there seems to be no other explanation anywhere else! I just thought this was too good a film to share with any of my Studio Ghibli/Anime fans out there! Enjoy!

Until next time~♥

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