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Enjoying the Easter break – Visiting the Roman Baths and floating around in the Thermae Spa!~♥

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog! I’ve been rather lazy recently with blogging which is why it’s mostly been reviews but today I’ve got another exciting tourist-y experience to share with you!

So the boyfriend returned for the week leading up to Easter and hurray for me, I also had it off of work! I was hoping to go somewhere but sadly he had to go back to work halfway through which meant any faraway trips was a no-no due to all the driving he’d have to do :(. However we did get to do something closer to home that was pretty exciting – we took a trip to Bath to visit the baths!

So for those of you who don’t know what or where Bath is, Bath (more commonly known in the South West of England as ‘Bath Spa’) is a Roman city located in Somerset; home to Roman-built baths, natural hot springs and Georgian architecture! It’s not too far a drive for us and is actually the city we visit most often for shopping! Another fun fact, I was born there and that makes me an ‘Avon Lady’! It’s a popular tourist hot spot for school trips and tour groups coming from all over the world, especially with the Bath Abbey and hot spring baths! Anyway without further ado, let me share with you my day out at the Roman Baths – surprisingly I hadn’t done this yet and it had more going on than I expected!P1180420P1180421P1180422The main reception is very grand-looking and you do have to queue up with only a set amount of people being let in at a time though not to worry apparently it’s only a 10 minute wait! There was a girl behind us who was on her own and she was asked if she was with us which of course she said no to and wasn’t allowed in =_= she should’ve said she was so she could come in too! The tickets cost us £15.50 per person though ofc there are different prices available such as family and student!

The first part you get to see is an outside pool of hot spring water and you can see the steam rising off of the surface! You get to the lower level later on but it was bigger than I imagined and kind of all I thought I’d see there tbh but nope, there’s much more!P1180424P1180425P1180426P1180427P1180428P1180429P1180430P1180433P1180434P1180435P1180438P1180439P1180440P1180441P1180442P1180444P1180446So upon entering the main section you enter a museum filled with artifacts and monuments discovered at the Baths, it’s pretty facinating when you think how old everything is! There was lots of information about people at the time as well as activities that occurred within the baths itself.P1180449P1180450P1180451P1180452P1180453P1180454After the museum you get to walk through (or above) the ruins of the baths that are no longer there; for some reason they had these sprays that would come on and spray water in certain areas, I noticed that this moss was growing and that it was probably to keep it hydrated. I’m not sure why, possible it is ancient moss???P1180455P1180457P1180459P1180464P1180465P1180472P1180476P1180477You can even see the spring where the water comes from and runs through! It’s very humid in this section!P1180468P1180469P1180473P1180474P1180478P1180479P1180480There’s a minature gift shop halfway through and some more artifacts to look at; I thought the dog’s paw print was really cool and the gem stones above? They’re TINY but they have pictures inside of them!! Amazing, how did they do that??P1180482P1180483P1180489P1180493P1180497So we finally got out to the main bath area (excuse my naked face), this was where Romans used to come to wash! Pretty amazing and although the water is green and misty, it’s actually pretty clean and has all of the minerals in the water that makes it look that way. P1180498P1180502P1180499P1180500P1180504P1180506P1180507P1180508P1180509P1180510P1180511P1180512P1180513After the main pool is the opportunity to look around some more bath/pool areas; some have these cleverly installed screens to show you how it would’ve looked being used back in the day. There were also actors walking around that you could talk to, I remember one lady talking to a little boy saying she had just had a long soak that morning after getting her armpits plucked =_=; lol.P1180514P1180515At the very end you get the opportunity to try some of the water from the spring! Apparently it just tastes like warm tap water according to R but it listed all of the beneficial vitamins and minerals it contains. I didn’t try any because I was concerned something within the water might make me ill or I’d contract worms…I highly, highly doubt that’s the case as I expect it is all filtered like mad before you’re allowed to drink it but that’s just my own personal concern…Warm tap water? I’m not exactly missing out, and in case you’re wondering R didn’t contract anything, he was perfectly fine lol (just in case I’ve scared you now).lgrfp954gkTop-10-things-to-do-in-Bath-Thermae-SpaThe next bit was a treat from the boyfriend but tied in perfectly with our day (and the reason for my naked face) – Bath’s Thermae Spa!! I was so excited to try this out as I had only ever been to one spa so I was excited to compare the two (you can read about my other spa experience here)!

So basically you can’t book unless there is a party of 8 or more I believe, which means you can walk right in at any time that they are open and pay. There are two baths that you can go to, the ‘New Royal Bath – Main Spa’ or the ‘Cross Bath’. I think the Cross Bath is available to book out for more ‘intimate’ sessions whereas the Main Bath is for everyone. It cost £35.00 per person for 2 hours (Mon-Fri pricing, £38.00 for Sat-Sun and £10.00 if you want to add another hour) and we were provided a robe, towel and pair of flip flops (which I hated because they were too big and I nearly fell over in them so much). The changing rooms are unisex but there are individual cubicals to change in and you get a wrist band to open your locker. You have the choice to float around in the Minerva pool or the roof pool. The Minerva pool has a massage jet, a jacuzzi pool and a ‘lazy river’ (there is a current around the back of the jacuzzi pool); it is slightly deeper than the open-air roof pool and is slightly cooler. The open-air roof pool is more like bath water temperature and also has a massage jet and jacuzzi areas. Not a strong swimmer or afraid of water like me? Not to worry because this isn’t a swimming pool (and no one under 16 is allowed in *woo*), it’s a relaxation pool and you are provided with pool floats to enable you to just float around without effort! Perfect for me who is both afraid of the water and unable to swim properly!

Next you have the ‘Wellness Suite’ where you will find the Roman and Georgian steam rooms, the Infrared Sauna, Ice Chamber, Celestial Relaxation room (which we unfortunately did not get the chance to experience as it was packed out), and the experience showers. There is also a cafe and restaurant where you can eat and whatever you buy is charged to your band and the time spent in the cafe is also taken into account as to not reduce your spa time. Ofc you are also able to book out treatments such as massages and facials if you desire!

After that we felt incredibly relaxed and happy, I was so warm I didn’t need to wear my jacket despite it actually being pretty cold out. I can’t wait to go back, not having to book makes it a lot easier to just go and do on a whim (providing you have your swimming costumes available ofc)!

So that was my day out in Bath and I really enjoyed it! Normally we just go shopping there but I decided that since we were going to go to the spa we might as well make a day of it by visiting the Roman Baths too to find out more about the water we were later going to be floating around in! The only problem with the Baths was that it was packed so I’d definitely go during a time where everyone is at work and at school (not in school breaks like we did). There were so many tourists and it was really crowded which made it really difficult to see some of the things or required a wait, especially since the majority were busy listening to guided tours on these electronic phone-things that are provided, so many people were just standing around in the way not even looking at the surroundings but just listening to the tour!! Annoying!!

Anyway if you’re in the area then I’d recommend it at least once because you’ll only need to do it once, except the spa, you can always do the spa multiple times! Hope you enjoyed reading, until next time!~♥

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