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I have not abandoned you! *Update post on where the hell I’ve been*

Hello everyone! Just a quick update to apologise for being MIA lately, firstly I have literally done NOTHING other than go to work and lounge around at home since my last post; I’ve got a few snippets of what I got up to after visiting the spa but nothing worth putting into a post of its own so I guess I’m just waiting for more snippets to add, hey we can’t all be doing something exciting every week!

Secondly I’ve been ill with a, now diagnosed, chest infection! This is what happens, you turn 25 and it all goes downhill…I started out on bank holiday Monday at the beginning of May with a tickly cough which soon developed into a full blown cough and cold! For the first time in my life I took more than 1 day off of work for what I thought was a slightly worse-than-normal cold, I took 3! I had to go back to work for the Saturday and Monday because my bosses weren’t in and they were low on staff and then I took the Tuesday of this week off to get a doctor’s appointment. Thankfully after a phone call and a few questions, they booked me an appointment on the day to see a doctor who after checking me over confirmed that I did not in fact have a cold but I had, for the first time in my life, a chest infection! I’ve been coughing a lot but it is a lot better now and the doctor prescribed me an inhaler to take when I’m struggling. Apart from the side effects of increased heart rate and shaking, it does seem to help and has allowed me to get to sleep at night when the cough is at its worse.d2037948ba1079360f6f1f41429dd228So yeah, that’s where I’ve been! Stuck at home with a horrid chest infection and feeling sorry for myself. I haven’t felt like doing anything, not blogging, watching TV or playing games. I even lost my appetite!! Thankfully it has come back and although the doctor said I could still have it for a few weeks yet, I am feeling so much better and back at work, and feeling more like myself!

I did pretty much nothing this weekend even though R came back for a short visit, he’s already left but will be back next weekend, so maybe we’ll do something then. Now that I’m feeling better I’ll try and write up some gap filler posts so you guys don’t get bored, and I want to thank you with my whole heart for continuing to read my posts old or new! I LOVE YOU! Until next time~♥

2 thoughts on “I have not abandoned you! *Update post on where the hell I’ve been*

    1. Thank you for your kind words! Yup I’m drinking lots and have been sleeping well so hopefully it won’t be too long before it goes!

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