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My First Time… Tag! – Get to know me better!~♥

Hello everyone, it’s me again! You still remember me right?? Earlier I watched a First Time tag video by Charisma Star and thought actually, that might be a cool gap filler to post here! You guys get to know me a little better and I’d love it if you told me one of your firsts! So here goes!

  1. First word: “daddy” – What can I say, I’m a daddy’s girl through-and-through.
  2. First teddy: I had lots of first teddies, sadly none which is my favourite but I had 3 that I remember particularly being my ‘first’ set – a yellow bear, a brown bear and a pink rabbit, all fluffy and rather big but I don’t think I have them anymore.
  3. First friend: A girl called Melissa who I did everything with but sadly she moved away after a couple of years and I lost contact with her and have no way of finding out who or where she is now.
  4. First school crush: I think it was a boy called Peter when I was 8, we were ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’ until I caught him holding hands with another girl in our class.
  5. First kiss: I don’t really remember my first kiss but I guess it was with my first boyfriend and it must’ve been okay because nothing about the experience stands out.
  6. First celebrity crush – Peter Andre! I even had a little toy doll that oddly looked like him!
  7. First boyfriend: My brother’s friend when I was 14, we were together for 2.5 years until I broke it off.
  8. First gig or concert: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu in 2014! And it’ll probably be my last too.
  9. First blog post: You can read it here!
  10. First physical fight: Never had one!
  11. First pet: A Yorkshire Terrier called Pebbles!
  12. First movie watched in a cinema: I think it was Tarzan, that’s the earliest film I can remember watching!
  13. First broken bone: I’ve never had one!
  14. First job: I was a retail assistant in a Hallmark/Thorntons shop – I hated it.
  15. First person texted today: The boyfriend!

So that’s all of them answered, do you know me a little better now? This was lots of fun, maybe I’ll do another one of these posts in the future! Thanks for reading, until next time!~♥

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