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Donating to my first charity – Who did I choose?

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog! Life is pretty quiet as of late as I mentioned in my previous post but something arrived last week that added a little excitement! So earlier this month whilst feeling sorry for myself on a sick day off, I was watching TV and an advert came on for a charity; I have been meaning to sign up to a charity since starting my new job, feeling that I had more than enough money to share with those who needed it so whilst watching the advert I decided that it was time to start giving back instead of thinking of myself.

When it comes to choosing a charity to start donating to, it can be a little overwhelming with which one to choose. There are SO many out there and so many supporting similar causes too. Which one will see the most of my money? Will I be able to see the effect my money is having? How many people will it help? What cause is most important? So many questions and really it all comes down to what you want to do.

There are lots of charities that are important, lots that are fighting causes that threaten people’s lives on a daily basis. If it wasn’t for the thousands of people supporting these charities then so many more would be suffering, it’s a blessing to have so many giving people in the world that want to help. It isn’t the first time that I’ve donated to help a cause and it won’t be the last but a more permanent donation from me required me to really ask myself what sort of charity I wanted to help. So I chose…Guide_Dogs_LTR_logo_HEXThat’s right! I chose the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association! I knew from the off that I wanted to support a charity that was animal-related but GDFTBA have actually had a lasting impression on me for many, many years.

When I was a baby I had a grandfather who was blind and he had two dogs that I remember called Zero and Eddy; I’m not sure if they were guide dogs or just his pets but I guess if they weren’t then that just makes me more determined to help a cause for someone who is blind to get the help that will change their lives.

When I was 9 years old we had some people visit us in school from GDFTBA. One gentleman was blind and came with his guide dog and another gentleman, who I believe was the blind man’s helper, came along too; a young woman also came with a young pup who was training to be a guide dog and together they taught us about the charity and what having a guide dog means to someone who is blind. To this day I can still picture it clearly and even though it has been well over a decade, I still know that the woman is dedicated to training guide dogs as I have seen her here and there walking young pups, so that memory even years later has always resurfaced.

Lastly I think of what it would be like if I was blind and unable to leave the house, I go mad enough as it is being unable to get out of the house in general so I couldn’t even imagine if I was unable to see. What if my dad went blind? Or another member of my family? I know that most people who wish to donate to a charity would instantly think of the biggest charity to go for – Cancer, but my thought was that blindess isn’t something that can be cured and therefore needs just as much support. So those are my reasons behind why I chose this specific charity to donate to.sponsor a puppySponsoring a dog is really easy too! All you have to do is go to the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association website and click ‘sponsor a puppy’!choose a puppyYou then get a brief introduction to their current recruits, in this case we have 3 pups called Libby, Farah and Bolt. Farah and Bolt are both Labradors and siblings, whereas Libby is a Golden Retriever!pupdatesThere’s treats for you too! If you sponsor a puppy you’ll get sent what they call ‘pupdates’ (eh? eh?) and they’ll send you information and pictures of your puppy, as well as how they are growing and doing in their training over time!libbyI decided to choose Libby because I have a soft spot for Golden Retrievers, plus she just looks so fat and cute! By clicking onto her I am taken to her page where there is a short story about her personality and even a video of her in action – just look at her run!!P1180547P1180555P1180557As stated I received my welcome pack and my first pupdate! I got a certificate to say I was sponsoring Libby as well as an information leaflet with more info about the charity. They also sent me a puppy album and a photo of Libby; each time you receive a photo you slot it into the dedicated slot and the opposite page tells you how old the pup is and at what stage in their training they are at. I also received this ADORABLE photo magnet of Libby (seriously could they have picked a more adorable photo of puppy fat running!!??) and a cute, cuddly plush who I decided to name Harvey and is now sitting on my desk at work!

Of course the goodies are great but it’s made even more special by the fact that I’m going to receive updates of how my puppy is doing and how much they’ve grown, and even if Libby doesn’t become a guide dog for some reason, I still get an update of where she has gone to afterwards (either to be trained as another helper dog or to a loving, family home)! If she does become a guide dog, I get to see who she is helping and how she is getting on, so best of luck to Libby!

After my pup has completed her training (or not), I will then be suggested one of the newer pups to continue my donations to! Overall I am very pleased that I am finally donating to a charity, it’s a good feeling to know that my donations are increasing the hopeful chances of producing a top-quality guide dog for someone who desperately needs it to change their life. I wish Libby all the best in her training and hope that one day she makes a perfect companion for someone and changes their life for the best! If you’re interested in knowing how Libby is getting on then do stick around because I will be posting her updates here also, but what would be even better is if you headed on over to the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association website and sponsored her yourself!

Thank you for reading and hope that some of my UK viewers will consider donating too! Until next time~♥

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