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Passionate about travelling – How I track where I’ve been to!

Hello everyone, hope you’re good! So today I’m going to be focusing on one my favourite passions – travelling. If you’ve followed me for some time then you’ll know that I love to visit different places and share with you where I’ve been to, the excitement of going somewhere new is something I relish in.

Sadly it is also my biggest failure in life so far.

Life is yet to throw me a bone as far as travelling is concerned, there just hasn’t been an opportunity where I have been able to go further than my island and that is something that deeply frustrates me – especially when you have a boyfriend who gets jetted off to different places around the world for work, which btw is so incredibly unpredictable with to as and when he can come home. We’ve already attempted to book a holiday to Cumbria which had to be cancelled due to his work, so for the moment we have yet to go on a proper holiday. I do try not to dwell on it but I am desperate to see something new and actually have a break; the last time I went on holiday was when I was 14-15 and I went to Spain with my family, so it is long overdue! Hopefully when I have passed my driving test, I will be able to do a lot more travelling around the UK either by myself or with the boyfriend (I will no longer be relying on him to drive) so that’s definitely something to look forward to and one of the main reasons why I am learning to drive in the first place!

However this did get me thinking as to where I have been so far and so I decided to download something to help me keep track of where I have been and also where I wish to go!IMG_4474So I downloaded this app called ‘Hello World’ which is a free app but I paid £3.99 to have an unlimited wish list and journal entries. IMG_4477IMG_4478The app is really simple to navigate around and upon starting you are asked to put in all of the cities you have visited and surprisingly I have visited quite a few places! The one problem I have with this app (unless I have just not figured it out yet) is that you can only put in the cities you have visited (or large towns) so sadly some of the smaller places I have been to I cannot list.IMG_4479You also have a wish list where you can tag all of the places you’d like to visit and I was surprised again to find out that there is still quite a lot of places on my own island that I would like to visit, so I decided that until I get thrown that bone that I would at least try to focus on visiting the places closer to home.IMG_4480There is also a section where you can write journal entries and you can even write journal entries for each individual place visited. I think this will come in handy for writing down notes to remember when I come to blog about it for you guys!

If you are interested in travelling, especially travelling in the UK, then head on over to my ‘Travel ♥’ category which you can find at the right-hand side of my blog or see below for a quick links of all the places I have visited!

Christchurch and Bournemouth
London – China Town
Cheddar Gorge, Somerset
Newbury, Reading, Southampton and Swindon
Plymouth, Devon
Portsmouth and Southampton
Lacock Village, Portsmouth and Bradford-on-Avon
Cambridge and Norwich
Weymouth, Dorset
Lacock Village, Wiltshire
Imber Village, Wiltshire
Stourhead, Wiltshire
Bath, North East Somerset

Conventions and Events:
Hyper Japan 2014 Part 1
Hyper Japan 2014 Part 2
Hyper Japan 2014 Part 3
Hyper Japan 2014 Part 4
Hyper Japan 2014 Part 5
Hyper Japan 2014 Part 6
Hyper Japan 2014 Christmas Market
Whitehall Garden Centre and Bath Christmas Market
Birmingham MCM Comicon
Royal Air Force/Armed Forces Day
Hyper Japan 2015
Harry Potter Studio Tour Part 1
Harry Potter Studio Tour Part 2
Harry Potter Studio Tour Part 3
Hello Kitty Pop-Up Cafe
Hyper Japan 2016
Marwell Zoo
The Great Dorset Steam Fair
Land Rover Owner International Show
Winter Wonderland
Longleat Safari Park and the Festival of Light Part 1
Longleat Safari Park and the Festival of Light Part 2

It’s quite a pleasant feeling actually to view back to all of the places I have been to but it makes me eager for more! From now on I’m hoping to document where I travel a little more, I’m hoping to vlog where I go too and upload them into nice little videos for you guys! Though tbh that might take a little while coz I have no clue with what to do when it comes to video editing! Hopefully I’ll be able to visit most of the places on my wish list before the end of the year, then perhaps next year I can look at going abroad!

Do you like travelling too? Any suggestions for me? Thanks for reading, until next time!~♥

2 thoughts on “Passionate about travelling – How I track where I’ve been to!

  1. What do you mean by you haven’t had an opportunity? Why not just book a trip and go? Do you mean you’re waiting for a work trip or a family holiday?

    1. I don’t want to go on my own, I want someone to enjoy it with and unfortunately people either have not had the money or the time. The bf has a very unpredictable job that takes up a lot of his time, miles away so it’s really hard for him to get guaranteed time off, let alone actually managing to book something. I’m not a ‘traveller’ in the sense I will just go travel around Thailand on my own and live in a hostel-type place and work, but more to go on holiday with someone.

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