About the girl behind the blog

I’m a 4ft 11″ British girl called Heidi with blonde hair and blue eyes, born on 04/11/1991 and located in England, UK.

This blog is my personal outlet where I write whatever takes my fancy; quite often it will be filled with rambling nonsense and photos of where I’ve been, what I’ve done and what I’ve bought, but mostly what I’ve eaten and random info posts about the places I long to visit.

It started mid 2013.

This is my second blog; I was inspired by reading other blogs and decided that I wanted to have my own personal blog, one that I could share whatever I wanted and look back on as time passed by.

Personality – Cheerful, friendly, clumsy, cute, creative
Style – Whatever takes my fancy
Travel Wish List – Too many to list
Favourite Music – A bit of everything
Favourite Colour – Pastel colours, pink, mint/teal, black and red

I’m open-minded and I prefer to have my fingers in many pies, why stick to one thing when you can experience lots of things??~♥

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12 thoughts on “About the girl behind the blog

    1. Haha I am pretty sure that I am wearing that particular lip tint in that photo! We do have the same interests hehe, and the pictures are much prettier than me in real life; what would I do without beauty filters haha.

  1. I like what you do. We could not be more different in background, but we share a love and respect for East Asian pop culture. Goes to show that “all kinds of people” like it … if you ever need to justify such statements.

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